Big Sigh

Finn had eye surgery on both eyes early Monday morning. The doctor discovered that both were actually pulling in, the right more than the left. The muscle behind the eyes was too tight, so apparently he cut it…I asked him not to tell me any more details. Gives me the

We watched with tired, blurry eyes the sobering Sandy Hook shooting news coverage in the waiting room, thankful for a child who is alive. My heart has been heavy all week in the wake of such senseless evil. Joey and I discussed the reality that Satan “prowls around like a lion, looking for someone to devour.” His depravity extends far beyond simply tempting me to be selfish or worry or even smoke a cigar. He delights in death…of innocent children. Big sigh.

“Finn,” the nurse called toward us into the waiting room, snapping us out of our sadness. I’m never prepared for the recovery room. I’m just so excited to see Finn and thankful that it’s over that I forget this is often the worst part. Children are moaning and crying and parents are on edge. Even if Finn is sedated, he cries in unison with the baby behind the curtain next to us. His IV is still in, bruising his tiny forearm. It’s not a fun place. Remind me to prepare myself next

Aside from very bloody inner eyes, Finn is doing well. Happy as ever (this kid amazes me) and his eyes look straight. photo-169 photo-170

They can turn in again; however, so I’m not getting my hopes up. We’re told another surgery is likely, but we’ve witnessed bigger miracles. Let’s just not talk about giving him his 3x daily eye drops…trauma.

We are ready for a break. I’m sure you are too.


5 thoughts on “Big Sigh

  1. Ash, thought about you as I wept over my baby with his first fever this week. (I know, I’m ridiculous). You are so brave and so incredibly strong. Thank you for living in a strength that is greater than yourself and challenging newbies like me to do so as well. Love and treasure you.

  2. As I walked into my classroom on Monday morning, I thanked God for each and every child that returned to school to begin another week of learning. I found a renewed sense of wonder and awe at each ones uniqueness. I watched kiddos that didn’t get along, suddenly decide that petty arguing just wasn’t worth it anymore. Then, I thought of my precious Finn and the tears flowed as I thanked God for each day that pictures of his face has warmed my heart and made me smile. Life is a gift to be lived fully each day without expectations of what tomorrow “could” bring. Ash and Joey, thank you for allowing us to share in your life journey. We will always love your little family without hesitation. Smooches, Mom!

  3. So good to hear that Finn did well. Please remember that we think of you daily. Have a merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

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