Thank God. It’s Friday!

A synopsis of our day thus far:

Rushed out the door…with real clothes on (like riding boots, jeans and a sweater…not athletic clothes) to get Finn to his orthotic fitting appointment. Our Sooner Start therapist is a rock star and advocated for Finn to get fitted for a standing frame before the end of the year. This device helps Finn stand upright. He can’t feel his feet, so although he has some leg strength, if you put his feet down, he won’t bear weight because he doesn’t know his feet are touching anything. The standing frame and AFOs (ankle foot orthotics) will help strengthen Finn’s joints and bones and keep him upright. It is good for humans to be upright.

Therapist and orthotics doctor (orthopod?) measuring Finn for frame

Therapist and orthotics doctor (orthopod?) measuring Finn for frame

Then we came home quickly to turn off the outdoor Christmas lights, pick up Jersey and the flat jogging stroller wheel. Joey dropped me off at Starbucks where I met my dear friend, Joanna. We hadn’t seen each other since about 10th grade…almost fourteen years ago! We picked up right where we left off and she’s still the incredible person she was as a middle schooler. We were best buds when I lived in Omaha, NE. She now lives in Cambodia working for World Relief. I have the coolest friends.

Bad picture, good friend.

Bad picture, good friend.

While I was reconnecting, Joey got our stroller wheel fixed at a bike shop, went to Target and dropped Jersey off at the vet to get her anal glands expressed. If you don’t have a dog and don’t know about anal glands, I won’t educate you.

Joey picked me up after a big hug and a couple quick pics with Joanna. Came home to eat some yummy leftovers from our “friend Christmas” last night. Again, I have the coolest friends.

Big kids and Finn

Big kids and Finn

Coerced Finn to take a nap after feeding him pears and oatmeal.

Watched a recording of The White House Christmas, a documentary on the history of Christmases spent at the White House. Apparently Amy Carter liked to eat candy off the annual gingerbread house.

Excited to go on a date tonight! Seeing The Hobbit with my husband in the balcony of the Warren Theater. Sitting in the balcony is the only way I’ll see a movie…we pay too much and go too seldom to be annoyed by the popcorn chomper or the text messager behind us throughout the movie. I’m not as big of a Lord of the Rings fan as Joey, so if I find it boring, at least I’ll get a three hour nap…which sounds great right about now.

Thankful for Fridays and the random happenings that comprise them.


3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Ash,
    Will be praying that Finn’s joints/bones are strengthened with the standing frame. And “Friend Christmas!” What a neat idea! How fun! Enjoy your date tonight!

  2. Sounds like a busy day! And your therapist does sound great 😉 I try to get all of my kiddies standing by 9mos, and not all therapists are on board with that…

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