13 Goals

I’ll try my best, forgive myself when I inevitably fail and try harder tomorrow. Here are my thirteen goals for 2013:photo-179

1. Rock climb with Joey at Rocktown ten times before December. And flash a 5.9.

2. Clean more meticulously. I’ve gotten lazy. Sorry, Grandma.

3. Return to pre-Finn fitness level and body fat percentage. Not because I should or must to feel validated, but because it’s possible and a good example to my momma clients.

4. Less than 3 surgeries for Finn this year. Preferably none.

5. Help my clients reach their fitness goals, come up with innovative workouts photo-182and challenge them to do something they don’t think they can.

6. Witness Finn crawling, dancing and standing on his own feet. And let him do it in his time.

7. Live out thankfulness…for the small things and the big things. And vocalize my gratitude.

8. Read my Bible and wonder at its mysteries. Also read fiction, but not in place of my Bible.

9. Spend less money at Target…a lot less. Joey’s making me grocery shop at Homeland this year instead. It’s no fun at Homeland; they don’t sell candles and decorative pillows and cute baby jammies.photo-181

10. Make Finn laugh every day.

11. Drink green juice for breakfast most days of the week. Mmmm…liquid kale.

12. Cook a healthy, yummy meal every week night we’re home together. Try new recipes. Sandros Pizza only in desperate circumstances.

13. Make it out to Colorado, use the baby backpack Marquette gave us and introduce Finn to the great outdoors.









Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


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