Fitness Tips From a Trainer 2013

So in honor of January’s capability to inspire physical fitness and renewed healthy living habits, I’ll play personal trainer for this post. Here are some of my most favorite fitness tips:

1. No gym membership or personal trainer? No excuse. Take your kids/dog/cat/fish on a walk…a long walk. Upgrade your walk to a jog when that gets easy. Too cold or hot? Try this Living Room Workout:

15 jumping jacks

15 burpees (see Youtube if you’re not sure how)

15 push ups

Hold plank 30 sec.

30 sit ups or crunches

15 squats or squat jumps for higher intensity

15 dips off a chair or coffee table

30 sec. of jump rope or high knees

Repeat 3-5 times.

2. Park far away.  Only pregnant women and the disabled are exempt.

3. ALWAYS in EVERY circumstance, take the stairs! Same exemptions apply as #2.RI-Ave-Stairs-3

4. If you are not uncomfortable at some point in your workout, you’re not working hard enough. Many newcomers to exercise start to feel uncomfortable and think they’re dying or that something’s terribly wrong…it’s not! Your body’s just not accustomed to working hard. Work toward discomfort (not pain). Let yourself panic a bit, then get over it and keep working. THIS is where you’ll see results.

5. Make it your goal to perform as many pushups as your age every night before you hop into bed. Once you make it to 60 years old, I’ll let you decrease in number (i.e. a 61 year old can do 59 push ups). Girls included.

6. Change it up. Doing the same thing will give you the same results. Do your running route backwards, move faster, do your reps slower, look up new exercises on YouTube, register for a race with a friend…

7. Get a big dog. She’ll make you run. photo-100

8. No diet drinks! See this article for more info on that: Diet Soda Danger.

9. Don’t deprive yourself of every food you love. Dieting generally doesn’t work because you can’t sustain it. If you’re having a hard time with moderation, some of my clients find it helpful to have ONE cheat day where they eat or drink what they want and are “good” on every other day.

10. Don’t go longer than 4 hrs without eating…unless you’re asleep.

11. Make a playlist with upbeat, fun tunes that will drive you forward. Music helps motivate.

12. Got this idea from Pinterest: tip yourself a dollar each time you workout…save up for something fun.35114072065281312_gSTHpIbe_c

13. You need accountability! Tell your goals to your spouse or a friend. Write them on that cute chalkboard in your kitchen. Hire a personal trainer (I’m biased…). Tell your kids–I’ve heard they’re brutally honest. 🙂

14. When you mess up, don’t dwell on it. DO something about it. Throw away the processed food in your pantry (or better yet, give it to a food bank). Go exercise. Beating yourself up about it just cycles the unhealthy habits.

15. I’m one of those few freaks who actually finds it fun to sweat and push myself until I’m uncomfortable. If you’re not one of my kind, make sure what you do to workout is FUN. Zumba, ballet barre classes, tennis, racquetball, swimming…whatever; just do something that you can fit into your lifestyle. If you hate running, don’t do it just because the other moms are.IMG_1595

Hope these help you develop a healthier you.


9 thoughts on “Fitness Tips From a Trainer 2013

  1. Great post! Love the point about working toward discomfort and pushing through it. That has been the big game changer for me in the past two years. Not only did it bring greater physical changes but also gave me that mental confidence of accomplishing something I used to wimp out of!

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