Well, we have entered the world of orthotics. Here’s a look at Finn’s “headgear” of sorts…the equipment that will make him clunky and awkward but hopefully better because of it:

The Standing Framephoto-192photo-191

The doctor warned us he may cry the first time we fit him into it, as it will be an unusual sensation for him to be upright on his own. Finn just grinned…and clapped, actually. The doctor called in the nurses, secretaries and even the technician who made the frame to see this sweet little guy smiling and clapping for his new toy. This little ditty will help put much-needed pressure into his joints and bones to increase their density and cause them to develop properly.

The AFO’s (Ankle Foot Orthotics)photo-193photo-194

These keep Finn’s feet straight and his ankles at the right angle. They are clunky and turned his feet bright red the first few times he wore them. He’s supposed to wear them most hours of the day…it will take a while for us to get used to these. Putting jeans on him is even more of a chore and they ripped my shirt while I was holding him.

Kayla and Caleb, Truett/Baylor buds, came from Kansas City to visit this weekend…way too short…only Friday night, but we are thankful they made the trek to meet Finn and let us hug Kayla’s pregnant belly. She’s glowing and due in March (only 4 days away from Finn’s original due date)! These friends are like family to us. We talked baby carriers, cloth diapers, played Spades, Settlers of Catan (Caleb won–he cheats) :), went on a long walk, devoured a gourmet cheese platter from Forward Foods, and ended the night with sliders at S & B Burger Joint. photo-190
Thankful today for cumbersome equipment that will give Finn a chance at walking and friends who care to cheer him on.

8 thoughts on “Equipment

  1. It’s so Finn that he grinned and clapped while being placed in a completely new and possibly uncomfortable situation. I love his spirit. It would serve me well to model his attitude and behavior.

  2. These devices will transform his little life and yours. Finn has the most infectious spirit ever, I wish I could hear him laugh each day.

  3. Finn is such a little angel. He is quickly becoming my hero. I want to find joy in all things just like Finn; even when things seem cumbersome and uncomfortable. Keep it up Ashley, your little Finn is going to change the world some day with your guidance. I am so blessed to have you in my life!!

  4. So excited for the opportunities Finn will have because of great parents like ya’ll and medical technology! He looks adorable.

  5. What a sweet angel you have been given. My heart soars every time I see his magnificent smile. Just think of the new and different view of the world he has now that he is upright. He is excited about the new adventure!

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