He’s Back

We left the hospital late Friday morning. Finn was more irritable post-op this time around. It worried me a lot. Joey and I are working through those feelings of confusion, sadness and frustration as we face the reality that our son is not “healthy” and that his life will undoubtedly be riddled with medical trials. We are confronted with a new fear that multiple shunt revisions will cause permanent damage to his brain and alter his otherwise normal mental development.  Questions about the purpose of prayer and God’s sovereignty loom in our hearts as we navigate our own version of faith in the midst of trouble.

Thanks for praying for us when we’re not sure how.

On Saturday morning, our joyful baby Finn was back. Video to prove it:

Changing Table from Joey Armstrong on Vimeo.


12 thoughts on “He’s Back

  1. So great to hear that precious laugh, how irresistible a sound! I will pray for more opportunities to hear that joyous sound!
    Take care my friends,

  2. The last giggle is my favorite. You’re right, Ash, God has totally entrusted Finn to you. You are such a great Momma to him and advocate for him. You and Joey are the perfect match for him – there is no one more suited to be Finn’s parents. Love you three.

  3. So wonderful to see that he is feeling better. Your faith is strong and it will help you endure the dark days. Life is not fair and I am so sorry that you have to deal with that unfairness. Sure do admire your strength though…you open heart and honesty lift me up every time I read your writings.

  4. Andy and I are praying for you guys! I too am always encouraged by your posts! I know that asking those questions about God in your heart can be so weighty. God has taken me through a season of that recently. My heart goes out to you! I’m finding comfort in admitting my pride in my plans and humbly admitting His ways and thoughts and plans are above ours. I hate when I think I know better! I’ve also been realizing how when we care for our children but they don’t understand why certain things hurt or are hard or need to happen right now, like putting a toy away, a diaper change, shots, discipline, etc, its because we know best even though they can’t understand. Its the same as God does things with us but God knows infinitely more than us and is completely good. Blessing to you all!

  5. I had to come back to your blog and listen to Finn’s sweet giggle again this morning. Joy in its purest form!!!! Thank you for sharing this. He is precious and your blog reminds me of what is good and beautiful in the world! Love and miss you!!!

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