Catch Up

..this is how my mom says, “ketchup.” My grandma says, “Catsup.” Whatever… Here’s a few updates on our family, Finn and his progress overall:

  • Finn finished the SIPPC skateboard study in November. Thank Jesus. He hated that thing! If I were him, I’d be scared to be strapped down and shooting across the wood floor too. The researching doctor came to our home to do a post-test on Finn’s cognitive development. He was still right on par and even passed a few “tests” he probably shouldn’t have at his age. This kid is hesitant though. He is certainly an observer before a doer. The doctor said she’d call us with the official “results” that next Monday but we haven’t heard…and that was November.IMG_3072
  • Little Man’s been crawling much better! He doesn’t exactly get on his knees, as his adductor muscles aren’t strong enough to keep them together. But he can army crawl with any U.S. Marine and he’s motivated mostly by graham crackers.IMG_3654
  • Please continue to pray for Finn’s shunt to work properly. He’s been more irritable than normal and tugs at his ears too often for my comfort. Wondering if he generally just gets headaches.
  • We went on our first family “hike” on Sunday. Finn LOVED the backpack our buddy, Marquette, bought him. Thanks, Q! He was grabbing at tree branches, pulling daddy’s hair, giggling at every bounce and banging Joey’s head with an empty water bottle. Can’t wait to take him to Colorado this summer!IMG_3789
  • Follow up eye appointment revealed that Finn’s eyes are normal! We thought the right was still turning in some, but he just has a wide nose bridge. The surgery worked (for now, at least)!
  • Weird day in Norman yesterday: two escaped and armed convicts wrecked a stolen truck into a fence a block south of Finn’s daycare (all schools on lock down), a bank was robbed by a man on a bike and there were two fatal car accidents just a mile from our house. Praise God and the Norman Police Dept that both convicts were found. This allowed us to sleep peacefully and awaken to a snowy day.
  • Most recently, we’re working on kneeling to play.IMG_3783
  • That’s all I can think of for now.

4 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. I love seeing Finn by grandpa Barney’s stool! He would have loved Finn as much as we do. I have asked him to be Finn’s guarding angel. Way to go Finn!

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