Power Mom

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more powerful than I did three hours ago.

I decided to go for a run before the sun went down–along with the rest of Norman’s west side residents. It was gorgeous, nearly-spring weather and I was trying to catch the last remnants of light before evening fell. I quickly shoveled butternut squash into Finn’s tiny mouth and he nibbled on string cheese while I buckled the shock collar on Jersey, kicked off my boots and wiggled into my Nikes. I pulled on shorts for one of the first times this winter. Wow…my legs are white!

l took off running with one hand grasping Jersey’s leash and the other on the BOB. I’ve done this many times, but something about the perfect temperature and my superhuman pace made me feel so full of life. I was proud to be a mom in that moment. It made me run even faster–not sure why–I think because it’s tough to be a mom and stay fit.

I was reminded of a spin class I attended at a fitness conference this past summer. The instructor was singling people out and asked all the moms to get out of the saddle. As a brand new momma, I lifted off the seat and cycled with pride. The other ladies and gents cheered, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud in my life. I had worked really hard to get fit again and I imagined the cheering was for me and the tough year I had just endured. (Vain, I know…just being honest.)

Running buddy

My running buddy

We were at the base of the big hill on our run–the part where it gets super uncomfortable–so I repeated to myself all the motivational jargon I tell my clients. And it worked! I pushed the stroller up the steepening sidewalk and Jersey lagged at my heels.

It was only fifteen minutes shy of Finn’s bedtime and he was not as excited to be running as I was. He whimpered and grunted with fatigue. So I sang just about every baby song I could think of to keep him happy, breathing heavy between each lyric. My knee throbbed with pain.

Moms are tired, and rightly so. Moms are often under-appreciated and can easily become withdrawn, bitter and neglectful of their own health. Trust me; I’ve been tempted to eat chocolate chip cookies and fall asleep on the couch myself. But moms should feel powerful. Vigorous. Healthy. I think this makes us better moms, wives, friends, humans.

Here’s to you, power moms.


8 thoughts on “Power Mom

  1. I totally had the pleasure of witnessing your Mom-power and Mom-vigor when we trained for and ran the tri last September. You’re an incredible mommy, athlete, trainer, and friend.

  2. Love it! Totally agree with you! Love the value of supporting and cheering each other on! And kudos to you for doing it with a stroller and dog!

  3. You go girl! You’re an inspiration and so talented at what you do. I love that you practice what you preach to your clients.

  4. Yay Ashley! I love your motivation and always positive attitude! Thanks for bringing me up the hill many times. You are AMAZING and a POWER mama and wife!

  5. I totally get it. You wrote my thoughts exactly. I’m so thankful I’ve been given the gift of understanding these insights over the last few years. I meet Jesus when I push my body beyond what it thinks it can do. 😉

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