…that’s never how you want the doctor to begin their sentence. It seems we’ve heard a lot of these “Unfortunately’s…” in the past couple years and I know this isn’t our last.

Finn had his one year MRI two weeks ago. Last week I got the call from our neurosurgeon that “unfortunately” it wasn’t good. Finn has a syrinx in his spinal cord. Basically, too much spinal fluid. There are a few causes of this:

  1. Shunt malfunction
  2. Chiari malformation issues (boring, long explanation of what this is but basically Finn’s brain is shaped differently than ours due to fluid pressure in the womb and it may not be allowing his spine to drain properly).
  3. Tethered cord (another boring explanation but this is when scar tissue from his spinal closure surgery chokes out the nerves in his spine and causes him to lose function, sometimes causing worse damage than he was born with).

Because Finn had such a recent shunt malfunction at the end of January, they are hoping the syrinx is due to excess fluid from the malfunction. It takes a while for it to recede.

We will repeat the MRI in six months. If it’s the same or worse, Finn will need surgery on one of the three options above, starting with “exploring” the shunt surgically to be sure all is working properly. Each surgery would be serious and can (as always) have major bummer side-effects.

So, we are sad. We can’t be sad for six months though, and being with Finn always makes us feel better. He’s been so happy lately, and for that we are grateful.

first swing ride

first swing ride

Please pray with us:

  • for healing of Finn’s spine. Nothing broken. Nothing missing.
  • that the fluid would recede and return to normal.
  • that the corpus collosum (part of his brain) would “reappear” in its entirety. MRI showed it is only half present.
  • that Finn’s shunt would work properly. It keeps him alive. We need it to work!
  • that we would not entertain fear or anger.
  • that the doctors/surgeons would be wise and accurate.
  • for healing of all children. Two other friends are struggling with terrible news from doctors for their little ones: one with a chest mass and one with leukemia. I’m sure you have some stories of your own. He asks the little children to come to Him in Matthew 19. Pray that when they go to Him, they are healed spiritually and physically.

    best buds

    best buds


11 thoughts on “Unfortunately

  1. Hi! So bummed to hear that you heard another “unfortunately” regarding your sweet Finn. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hate that word. I also wanted to try and give you little hope regarding your appointment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Grey’s first MRI also showed a syrinx and partial corpus collosum. His syrinx has stayed the same (he is now 4) and we haven’t had any issues with the corpus collosum. Our neuro explained it like this…”lots of people could have a partial CC, but we just don’t know it because they aren’t having routine MRIs. It may have some effect regarding his balance or coordination down the road…or it may not. Because his cc has always been this way, there is less chance that it will effect him later on. His brain has made up for it in other ways.” I know lots of kids with SB who have asymptomatic syrinxs. ๐Ÿ™‚ praying that Finn’s will remain asymptomatic too!

  2. yes friend, standing in agreement with you for Finn! Praying specifically for each point above and contending for a good report in the name of Jesus. praying for peace and rest for your family in the waiting. love Finn’s JOY, he’s so precious!

  3. Ah, little boys love their swings and the fresh outdoors. This picture brings back memories of Drew and Walker at that age. Finn and Dad are certainly best buds and Mommy, you are the love of his life. Praying for healing on Finn’s body and for answers from the next MRI and tests to be more encouraging. Love to all 3 of you.

  4. Praying, always praying for the sweet babies. Thank you for the shout out about Whit. I will be specifically praying for your requests. Love you dearly.

  5. I am saddened by your news. You have a tough little boy on your hands and I am sure his happy disposition and deep determination will help pull him through this latest bump in his young life. Please know you ALL are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

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