Jersey is Three

Happy 3rd Birthday to Jersey, our naughty black Labrador!

Memorable Jersey moments of the past three years:

  • Choosing you out of the litter. They said you had the most personality…and we loved your white toes.IMG_3998
  • Holding you in my lap on the way home from the breeder. At eight weeks, you were so scared.IMG_4048
  • Our first tornado…you, Joey and I in the tub.
  • You listen to my rants and don’t offer any advice.
  • You kiss our ears.
  • Your fetish with hanging your head upside down while you sleep.IMG_4379
  • When you turned into a swollen Quasimodo because we gave you raw nuts. Oops…our dog has a peanut allergy.
  • Your first trip to Annie’s Ruff House. Dirty dogs are happy dogs.IMG_0402
  • When we discovered you’re a fantastic swimmer in our neighborhood pond. Love those big webbed paws!
  • Local dog park adventures…until Skippy pinned you to the fence and we never went back. I cried in the car.
  • When you embarrassed us weekly at Puppy Star school. IMG_0117
  • When you got stuck in our tent.
  • You snore like a congested old man.IMG_4848
  • When you undug our cable line and ripped it from the house. Then the neighbors’ too…whoops.
  • You bark and pace when you think we’re in danger. You’re a protector.
  • You steal our socks and dodge under the
  • The first time you met baby Finn. A natural momma.
  • Sneaking you on the couch when Joey’s out of
  • You are the best running partner (with a shock collar on).
  • You steal kisses from Finn when we’re not looking and you’re so gentle with him. Thank you. I can’t wait for you two to become best buds.

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