Turkish Beard

Joey was out of town all last week. Actually, he was way out of town, in Turkey. He grew a beard the week before Turkey to fit in with the locals. Good excuse, babe. IMG_4146

He went with his dad and FBC Tulsa to lead worship for a mission’s conference. Joey’s mom came to help for a few days. She and Finn had a blast playing all day Monday. And she came with some new yummy recipes, which I very much enjoyed.

Nana Becky and Finn

Nana Becky and Finn

I was on my own for a few days. This was tough. Jersey barked at the back door and paced the back yard every night. I’m not sure if she knew Joey was gone so she had to be the protector or what, but it was weird. And annoying at 3:00am. There were a couple nights Finn didn’t really sleep either.  Single moms are rock stars.

Finn's first finger painting

Finn’s first finger painting

My parents and brother came in yesterday to help me finish out the last leg. We’ve had great conversations, yummy gluten free food (for dad) and Finn entertained us for hours. He loves to make us laugh. What did we do before him?! I love my family. And am thankful Joey comes home tonight!

Nana Deb and Finn blowing bubbles

Nana Deb and Finn blowing bubbles

Finn opening his Easter basket (early)

Finn opening his Easter basket (early)

Momma picked these out.

Momma picked these out.


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