Doctors Like You

My first teaching job out of college was at Trinity Christian School in San Antonio, TX. I taught middle school English, and like most private schools, they “bundled” my job with 6th grade Geography, Bible, Reading and Home Room. I’ll never forget the time I drew the state of Florida on the board to depict a peninsula. It looked a whole lot like a rudimentary sketch of male private parts, and I couldn’t stop giggling. So I just stood facing the board until I could collect myself like any mature adult should. Sixth graders are the best. They’re funny, eager to learn, and still think their teachers are kind of cool. I’ve actually kept in touch with a few of these students.

This Wednesday I put the car in “park,” and quickly jumped out to get the mail in the rain, pulling up my hood to avoid getting drenched. Once at home, I tossed the soggy medical bills into one pile, the trash into another and opened a letter from one of my former TCS sixth grade students, Sydnie.

Finn reading Sydnie's letter

Finn reading Sydnie’s letter

Sydnie is now finishing her first year at Baylor (Sic’ ’em Bears!). She chose the easy route and decided on Pre-Med Neuroscience as her major. 😉 Sydnie was always a smarty…with some students it was a struggle just to get them to write down their homework in their agenda. Sydnie had hers finished and was asking for more. In this letter Sydnie described how any time she feels like giving up, she “thinks of Finn and how many things he has already conquered.” When asked why she wants to be a Pediatric Neurosurgeon, she tells them Finn’s story and how she’s passionate about helping him and other little ones like

Little did I know that one of my sixth graders from 2005 just might perform a surgery that could save Finn’s life someday. Or invent an un-clog-able shunt catheter. That would be AWESOME. Hang in there, Sydnie! The road to med school is long, but babies like Finn need doctors like you!


4 thoughts on “Doctors Like You

  1. Love so much about this. Mainly that it’s obvious the impact YOU had on her life (duh), and how your son is already doing the same. So incredibly thankful to know you three!

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