The Sidelines

Joey and I like to do most things together. We love to be active outdoors–hiking, rock climbing, rafting, anything…and we recently have loved going to Cliff’s Performance Conditioning class together on Thursday evenings. I said most things. I refuse to play Frisbee golf with him and he refuses to lift weights with me. Compromise.

Next Level Fitness Studio is where it's at!

Next Level Fitness Studio is where it’s at!

So tonight we were doing some cardio intervals with partners (Angie and I rocked it), and I looked over at the front desk to check on Finn. Malorie watches Finn for us while we workout…THANK YOU Malorie! He loves playing silly games with her. photo-2

He was watching everyone run up and down the wood floor, jump through the agility ladder and high-five their partner once they finished. I could tell he was soaking it all in…loving all the commotion and curious as to why we were running around like crazy people.

I smiled a mommy smile, proud of my boy for being observant; and I wanted to go give him a kiss on his porcelain chubby cheek. I wanted to tell him he could join us one day.

But, he can’t.

So, I got sad for a minute. I silently prayed that Finn wouldn’t have to sit on the sidelines of life. That life would afford him the opportunity to be active and busy and healthy. Not that the quality of our lives depends on shuffling effortlessly through an agility ladder, but I hate that he doesn’t even have the choice. I am so thankful that my legs move when my brain tells them to. This is a gift, friends. Unwarranted, undeserved.

Hoping to be on the sidelines cheering for Finn someday. Wheelchair basketball, a spelling bee or a cello recital. Whatever. Just want him to feel like he’s worth watching.

Teething is for the birds.

Teething is for the birds.


7 thoughts on “The Sidelines

  1. You’re such an incredible mommy to Finn. I have no doubt you will be cheering Finn on from the sidelines someday. God’s plans for Finn are so big. I can’t wait to watch them unfold.

  2. Love, rest assured you will be one of MANY on the sidelines watching Finn accomplish something great. So thankful you’re his mommy and my example ; ). And Brooks totally agrees, teething blows.

  3. Can’t wait for the time to come when we can watch Mr. Finn shine, while we cheer him on. Actually, I think he’s got a pretty good fan club already.

  4. I have had that exact thought so many times about my little 17 month SB guy! I have to swallow that feeling of grief over what should have been. Each time I see a new baby learning to crawl/walk I want to cheer and call to the parents, “Look at THAT! Your child is amazing! Do you know what a miracle we are witnessing?” I will NEVER take walking for granted. Meanwhile, I will trust the Lord for the fantastic plans yet unrealized He has for my little boy. Hmmmm, we don’t actually need legs to walk in faith, do we?

    Kim, mother to JAK (17 months, L4-L5)

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