Awkward Handshake

Fridays are my fav. As the family of a minister, Sundays are not Sabbath. But we are blessed to both have off on Fridays so we have an actual weekend.

This morning I took my car in for an oil change. Of course it turned into a transmission flush, etc. etc., but should’ve just been an oil change. After the mechanic and I exchanged info, he held out his hand. I thought, “Well, isn’t he the most gentlemanly mechanic I’ve ever encountered?” So, I shook it, grease stained fingers and all. But his hand was limp; he didn’t shake back. It was awkward. He said, “No, just need your keys.” Whoops.

I get myself into these sorts of awkward situations sometimes. One time in Waco, I pulled away from the gas station pump with the pump still in my tank. It ripped the tubing from the ceiling of the station and sent the hose flailing, spewing gasoline. I didn’t notice until I was rounding the curve and a man was waving his arms dramatically at me to stop. I was dragging the hose behind me. Whoops. There was a yellow bag over pump #5 for months.

Today’s plan was to make the trek down to the Wichita Mountains for a family hike. Jersey on shock collared leash, Finn in his Sherpa hiking backpack and Joey and I in our PrAna pants. But the forecast said thunderstorms, “some may be severe,” so we nixed the plan and opted instead for indoor rock climbing. photo-1

Finn enjoyed the Porters while we played. Thank you!photo-3

This was probably my favorite trip to Rocktown. We both climbed well and the temperature was perfect inside the renovated grain silos.

I love climbing "chimney" routes.

I love climbing “chimney” routes.

Then we shared some fajitas at Igauna Grill. Yum-o. Love my date and love this Friday. Now off to continue our annual Band of Brothers DVD marathon…

Portion-control tip: only put 5 chips on your plate at a time. Eat them slowly. Then add 5 more. Don't just mindlessly grab from the easy to overeat this way!

Portion-control tip: only put 5 chips on your plate at a time. Eat them slowly. Then add 5 more. Don’t just mindlessly grab from the bowl…too easy to overeat this way!


2 thoughts on “Awkward Handshake

  1. I mean – I adore you, friend. This post made me laugh out loud. Lord knows, I’m get myself into some ridiculous situations. I’m so glad I’m in good company.

  2. I read every post of yours, but finally decided to figure out how to reply. BAH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! I am laughing so hard Shannon is making fun of me. Good stuff, rock climbing at that place scares the poo out of me, and Iguana is bomb digity 🙂

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