Did you know May is National Fitness Month? When I first became a trainer, my mantra was, “You should be able to live life fully, doing everything a human should do–like run, jump, push, pull and get up off the floor.”

Then I had Finn, who can’t do any of these things by himself, and he’s not obese. Just

So I’m changing my mantra:

If you can move, you should.

If our generous God gave you the ability to walk, run, climb and stand, PLEASE don’t waste that ability. Not everyone was afforded such extravagance.

As I watch Finn struggle to move, I am saddened by those who can, but don’t.

Kneeling practice with Sooner Start therapy

Kneeling practice with Sooner Start therapy

Obesity is a 100% preventable disease, friends. It is a choice…lots and lots of little choices. Difficult ones? YES. But so worth it. Fight for your health. Fight for the life you were intended.

Stepping down off my soapbox now. (Bow) Thank you.

Family bike ride

Family bike ride


3 thoughts on “Soapbox

  1. Your motto has been ringing in my head all afternoon on a day when I just really wanted to pull the lazy/unproductive card. Instead, I had Coach Ashley in my ear telling me to get off the coach, work hard in my home, and get out for a workout. I swear, you’re my cyber-trainer these days! 😉

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