Ode to the Mom

I’ve said it before: mommy-ing is hard work. Under-appreciated, misunderstood, unglamorous, exhausting, stomach-churning, handfuls of hair in toddler’s hands–painful work.

But it’s a blessing. One job not all women get to add to their resume.

So today I want to honor all those mommas who feel inadequate; who, like me, watch another mom “do it better” and feel like a complete failure.

To women who became moms all too soon or those who patiently waited years.

Finn and me at 4 months

Finn and me at 4 months

Moms who co-sleep or enforce “crying it out.”

Moms with messy, crumby counter-tops or those with white-glove approval.

Finn and Kenton

Finn and Kenton

Selfless moms to foster or adopted children or moms who birthed their own, white-knuckled and sweating.

Breast-feeders and formula-scoopers.

Nana Deb and Finn at Thanksgiving

Nana Deb and Finn at Thanksgiving

Stay-at-home moms and full-time working moms.

Single supermoms and fierce grandmas.

Grandma Mary and Finn at New Years

Moms who cook homemade Pinterest meals and those who pick up take-out.

Mini-van drivers and jogging-stroller pushers.

Nana Bec and Finn at Christmas

Nana Bec and Finn at Christmas

NICU warrior moms and healthy baby moms.

Homeschoolers and PTA leaders.

Moms who spank and moms who don’t.

My first Mother's Day gift from Finn.

My first Mother’s Day gift from Finn.

Moms who’ve lost unborn babies and moms who’ve lost grown children.

And, of course, to my own mom: my biggest fan; who taught me that life isn’t fair, but that I am valuable to God and to my family. I am worthy of love and respect; and I’m capable of just about anything.

Isn't she pretty?!

Isn’t she pretty?! (We need an updated pic, Mom!)

I know all these kinds of moms. I respect you and admire you.

Exhale deeply…we’re all trying our best. Let’s build a kinder, more creative, healthier breed of children together. I need you and maybe you need me.

8 thoughts on “Ode to the Mom

  1. sweet ashley, what a rich post of wisdom and kingdom perspective! thank you for sharing! you are an amazing mama full of courage and determination, I love your heart! happy mothers day!

  2. Beautifully written Ashley. We just got home from the dinner for your parents. I told them how excited I was for Finn to have them there all the time. God’s provision and love is evident in your lives and I am blessed to catch glimpse of it in your blogs. I love seeing Finn’s smiling face in all of his pictures.

  3. Gosh I love this. I feel like mothering choices are so wide and various and yet we often want to think our choice of doing something is the only way. Or the right way for all. Thank you for this post and acknowledging that there are different ways to raise incredible children. Love you friend and so proud of the mother you are…

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