Quick Update

Thank you all for your thoughts and focused prayers! We felt (feel) them for sure.

Quick update:

  • We were released again from the ER yesterday after many tests, scans, ultrasounds, etc. and the neurosurgeons are convinced it isn’t shunt related.
  • We are still skeptical, as the symptoms are the same as the last two shunts, but we are choosing to trust the doctors right now.
  • ER experience yesterday was much better!
  • Finn woke up feeling just fine…still holding the back of his head periodically, which concerns us, but we are THANKFUL for our funny, happy boy again.

    second ER visit

    second ER visit

  • We are wondering if he gets migraines, had the stomach bug, or possibly still has a problem with his shunt/spinal cord/skull that can only be seen via MRI.
  • We have MRI in August. photo-7

Thank you again for caring about our Finn.


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