My seven year old self thought it was cool that the Burger King kid’s meals included a kid in a wheelchair nicknamed, “Wheels.” Very PC, you know?

Burger King Kid's Club Gang 1990

Burger King Kid’s Club Gang 1990

Well, my thirty year old self is now mom to a kid in one. Finn’s officially got wheels.

We received two demos today until Finn gets his own: a dynamic stander (we call it his “chariot”) and a youth wheelchair. The fact that there is such thing as a “youth wheelchair” infuriates me, but, whatever…I digress…We are thankful for a mode for Finn to get around in–to get into things, knock a vase over or something; get into trouble.photoNot so sure about Justin. Is he an ER doctor?


Excuse the jammies, please.

Just give him a book.photo-2

Loves it. He looks like such a big boy!photo-3So proud!

So proud.

The dynamic stander, or “chariot.”photo

Ben Hur for graham crackers. photo-1

Finn has been feeling better lately. Still not sure what was up last week, but we’ve now got an MRI scheduled for September. Maybe that will give us answers. Thanks again for all your prayers!


5 thoughts on “Wheels

  1. I think you are right, now Finn can wreak some real havoc. You will be chasing him everywhere once he gets the hang of it. I know your heart must ache with these new constant reminders in the house. Please know we are all wishing we could make that pain go away.

  2. Way behind, as usual, but loved seeing the results from the pain I cried for you over. Prayed for mighty Finn while I ran this morn. We Woods love you guys.

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