Time seems to be passing quickly these days. I feel a like a passenger in my own life; riding along, rushing past the scenery beyond the glass of the window.

They took Finn’s demo wheelchair away last week. He had gotten so good at it! Now, anytime we put him in a chair, he grabs the sides and tries to push. We’ve ordered him his own, but it won’t be here until October, so we are a little sad he’ll lose practice in the meantime. I guess he’ll have the rest of his life to be in a wheelchair…photo-15

A “friend” bit Finn’s foot three times “in rapid succession” at daycare last week. Sad part is, he was laughing b/c he couldn’t feel it and he thought his “friend” was being funny. Finn’s silly little foot looked like a baby Parana gnawed on it for lunch. Joey and I experienced our first feelings of anger and sadness that someone else (albeit, an innocent 2 year old) hurt our child. The fierce protectiveness that waves over you as a parent is unexpected and oh-so-powerful. I am heartbroken for kids who don’t have parents to protect

Finn has developed a weird fetish with putting things behind his neck. Sweet potatoes, snap peas, the blueberries he won’t eat…And last Monday morning we found one of his friend’s puzzle pieces down the back of his onesie. Sorry, Emily! We’ll bring it to

Leah, Tyler and Everett are visiting from Boston! So we spent the weekend in Tulsa with Joey’s family. photo-3photo-4

The cousins actually interacted this time. photo-5photo-6

It was so fun to watch them play gingerly with each other. Cautious but kind. Everett is so smart, and taught Finn how to change the wallpaper settings on an iPhone. Finn taught Ev how to tell stories and be the center of attention–and LOVE

Nana Bec and Papa Terry took care of Finn for us one morning so Joey and I could go on an 18 mile road ride. It was such a blessing! I love feeling that kind of

May I please explain my outfit?!

1. I bought that yellow nylon number in high school and never wore it. This was its debut. It’s way too big, and caught the wind like a parachute. I will never wear it again. Message me if you want it.

2. I’m a cyclist. But I don’t normally wear cyclist socks…until this particular morning. A friend named Buzz gave me these socks, and he’s an Ironman…one of the best cyclists I know. So I thought I’d channel his athleticism, but I’m just not a fan of ankle socks. It’s funny how a pair of socks can make you feel foolish.

3. If you’ve never seen cyclist shorts before, you’re in for a treat! They have a mondo pad in the crotch area and help sustain comfort on long rides. But they’ve also been the source of much embarrassment standing in the Starbucks line post-spin classes.

4, My husband is also wearing hot pants. Yikes.

We took family portraits on Saturday morning, despite the unexpected downpour. Here’s a sneak peek of one I took on my phone. Sweet boys!photo-14

My parents (now living in Arkansas) were flying out of Tulsa to visit my brother, Chad, in California. So they stopped by the Armstrongs’ house for dinner and to get a few kisses from Finn. I love having them closer!photo-8photo-9

Nana Deb is so funny!

Nana Deb is so funny!

Two nanas inspecting Finn’s incoming

I feel blessed by a fantastic family, and I’m challenged to live each day gratefully and presently–an active player in my life and in my days; an agent of His extravagant grace.


One thought on “Passenger

  1. I remember the first time I saw a kid yell at Heath in the chikfila playground. That mama bear instinct roared inside to move that “mean kid” away from him and then cried inside that he was sad experiencing someone mean to him. Ugh parenting, just pulls on the heart strings!

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