God Loves it When…

Joey and I just thought we were stressed while working on our masters degrees at Baylor…minus a mortgage, two cars, four bikes, a yard, a dog, a child and mounds of medical bills. Somehow in our “busy” student schedules we managed to write a children’s poem that we hoped we’d someday publish as a book.

Then we forgot about it…until Finn came along.

Finn teaches us so much about God. About His extravagant grace, His creativity, everyday miracles, His mystery and His fatherly love. We’ve likewise seen beautiful glimmers of faith and innocence in our friends’ little ones. A child’s theology–the way they view God–is so much purer; and sometimes Joey and I long for that kind of simplicity.

Our book is called God Loves it When… and it celebrates how God made us in His image. I think some people don’t want to pursue God because they suppose that if they met Him on the street, He wouldn’t like them. But He does like us…because we are His and a piece of Him is in us.

Book Cover

our book cover

God Loves it When… is reading level 5 and up. The illustrations are so fun…and see if you can spot Finn! It will make a fantastic baby shower, kid’s birthday and/or Christmas gift. Buy several for your family and friends, and please feel free to direct them to my blog! New shortcut: ourinvinciblesummers.com

The majority of the proceeds go toward Finn’s medical expenses.

Three ways you can get your hands on one:

1. Order a paperback online for $8.99 at Tate Publishing.

2. Order the eBook download for ipad, Kindle, etc. online for $7.99 at Tate Publishing.

3. Or shoot me an email (ashley_dawn6@ yahoo.com)  requesting info on how to get a special edition, autographed hardcover book for $15. Only a limited amount of these, so email me quickly to reserve yours!

We specifically want to thank Tate Publishing for guiding us through this daunting publishing process and for caring so much about Finn’s story. We are also grateful for the Dorney family who helped us cover the publication costs.

We thank Vernon L. Smith and Associates for helping offset the cost of hardback books, along with Milt and Mary Eitreim and Van and Raymond Davis. Without their generosity, we never would have made it this far.

Fill your shopping carts with God Loves it When...!

Fill your shopping carts with God Loves it When…!

Thanks so much for your continued love and support!


3 thoughts on “God Loves it When…

  1. I shared this on Claire Westbrook’s blog, but wanted you to read it too..
    As I read their story (and saw pictures) I got teary… thinking about how much love this baby boy gets from his entire family. I just LOVE to see all the smiles in grandma’s face, cousins, aunts and uncles. There’s such love. In the midst of confusion and what other people call “imperfection” I see a perfect love. So beautiful.

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