When Finn was still in my tummy and we knew Spina Bifida had altered his otherwise healthy body, wheelchairs were really scary. The thought of my child in one was altogether frightening; it honestly seemed like my world might end.

But now we know there are scarier things than wheels. A shunt malfunction, tethered cord, spinal meningitis, scoliosis and mental disability are the monsters haunting my mind these days. (And even these may not be as savage as they seem.)

I’ve semi-accepted the fact that Finn will be in a wheelchair, and I’ve actually heard myself giggle with glee watching him wheel around in one. Because he’s happy…and he doesn’t know any different; and the day he realizes he’s different, I’ll try my best to be honest and careful and not let him sense my fear or see my eyes well with tears.

My attitude toward his disability will become his attitude. Isn’t this true for all parents and their kids? Our influence is powerful.

Yesterday we went to the No Boundaries Expo. It was a wheelchair/disability equipment show. We met our new friend, Ryder (and his parents), there. He’s a three year old from Edmond who also has Spina Bifida. He competes in track and field, plays wheelchair basketball, and his dad rigged up the coolest dirt bike for him to zoom around in.

Ryder (as Spiderman) and Finn

Ryder (as Spiderman) and Finn

Trying to keep up with Ryder

Trying to keep up with Ryder

Finn had a blast playing around in a demo wheelchair from Asbury Medical Supply. He was a pro…and somewhat of a spectacle, as he was the youngest little guy there. photo-2photo-3

Hoping he doesn't inherit my b-ball skills.

Hoping he doesn’t inherit my b-ball skills.

God uses Finn to bless people. Their entire demeanor changes when he smiles at them.

Learning from the greats.


I pray the Lord continues to use Finn to minister to others in this way–to quell the monsters in their lives like he has in mine.


6 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. I to remember the dreaded first wheelchair. It changed my daughter’s life. She has not stopped moving since she first sat down in the little pink chair. It to made her so happy and allowed her to keep up with her peers.

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