First Shipment!

Our first shipment of hardback books has arrived!

If you reserved a special edition copy of God Loves It When… (or several), but haven’t sent us your checks, please do so asap. Then we’ll send your books. If we don’t receive your money by the end of the week, we will give your books to the 50 people on our waiting list. Thanks to many of you who have already sent checks!

If you live in the Norman area or go to FBC, I’ll bring yours to church next Sunday or will be contacting you soon to meet up!

We’ve already ordered a second shipment and they should be arriving in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for your support! Comment on this post if you have any questions.


One thought on “First Shipment!

  1. With school starting and everything- I totally forgot. Not an excuse , just a fact. I have a golf tourney I am in charge of tomorrow- but will mail on Tuesday! So sorry!

    Jane Dunbar Sent from my iPhone

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