Pride in the Car

God provides.

An anonymous donor provided Finn with a demo wheelchair until his arrives in October. We got the call from Asbury Medical Supply that the chair would be delivered last Friday. Chills. We are overwhelmed by such generosity.

Joey convinced me that we should send the wheelchair to daycare with Finn. I’ve been resistant. It’s silly, but I’m worried what other kids and parents will think. Not that it’s uncool to be in a wheelchair or anything, but that people are wondering what’s wrong with my son, and instead of kindly asking why our little cutie is in a wheelchair, they would awkwardly avoid us or talk behind our backs. These are my fears…not reality.

Usually I can’t wait to pick Finn up from daycare, but today I was a little apprehensive. I envisioned peeking into his new toddler classroom and seeing him stuck in a corner crying with kids poking him or sticking toys in his spokes.

The opposite was true, of course…the daycare director told me he’s been doing great and that they even take him in the halls to help him

Today at 4:45pm, I chose to leave my pride in the car. I wanted to carry it around with me like a shield, protecting me from the misunderstanding and judgment of others, but instead I carried my precious booger-nosed boy in my left arm and pushed his wheelchair down the hallway and out to the car with my photo-3


3 thoughts on “Pride in the Car

  1. You ae such an amazing mama! Thank you for being so open and sharing your heart. You are bold and courageous, breakthrough your son sees every day! And praise God for His provision! Love it!

  2. Awesome wheels Finn! I am blessed to teach a young boy this year named Eugenio. On his enrollment form were the words Downs Syndrome. Until I met him last night all I knew was what my director told me, “he is high functioning”. He walked in the door with a smile on his face and went straight to the blocks and cars and began playing. As I talked with his dad he said “He is Eugenio and we don’t look at him or treat him any other way”, That is how we feel at the early learning center that I work at. You come into the classroom as the child that God created you to be and we do not label you as Downs Syndrome, Autistic,etc… The classmates take their cues from the adults of course. I don’t want people to look at me and say “Oh, that is Tracye. She has glasses and needs to lose 20 pounds.” I am who I am because the Lord set it into place from the beginning of time. We teach the children that they are a special and loved child of God. Nobody has your red hair or freckles. Nobody has big blue eyes and blonde hair like you. Yes, “M” you have gone through multiple eye surgeries in your 2 years of life but you still have the same big blue eyes that God knew that you would have. We do not see you and treat you as “M” the girl with scars on her face. We see you and treat you as a child that God has blessed us with to teach, love and laugh with on a daily basis. We are all imperfect. That’s what we have Jesus for isn’t it? Love your Finn so much.

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