Second Tri

Friday night we celebrated Pascha’s 30th birthday at my favorite restaurant, Cheevers. Yum-o. Laura pioneered a sweet tradition of eight of us friends “toasting” the birthday boy/girl at dinner. We all usually end up wiping a tear or two away and laughing obnoxiously. Especially when Carter (though sincerely, I believe) recited the benediction for my birthday toast in June.

all dolled up

It’s a rare day that I don’t wear tennis shoes.

My parents arrived while we were out to dinner and took over for our babysitter. They were in town this weekend to cheer us on and watch Finn while we competed in the Tie Dye Tri, a sprint triathlon. This was our second attempt. First attempt here. Saturday morning I woke up with a migraine and ran a fever/chills throughout the day. I battled a fever earlier during the week too, but I thought it had run its course. Surely I wouldn’t be able to compete.

So when I woke up this morning in a pool of sweat (because my fever broke) and without a pounding headache, I was a little disappointed, to be honest. My mind was not prepared to compete and my body was weak. But I couldn’t let my training go to waste.

We arrived dark and early to set up our transition

Our buddy and Joey’s training partner, Dustin, competed for Team Spina Bifida with us again. 9762831152_bd0298f5fa_b

He and his wife, Laura are such supportive friends. Laura chronicled the whole triathlon through pictures, so I’ll let her finish telling the story…

Swim comes first, but no one gets there early enough to watch us. And they don’t let visitors into the pool anyway.

So bike comes next. My fav. It was WINDY!

9763318543_3075974e5a_b 9763013391_61ef8b9f15_b

Then we run.


Joey's signature photo finish. Love this silly man.

Joey’s signature photo finish. Love this silly man.

Our faithful fans:

Nana Deb and Finn

Nana Deb and Finn


Ali flagging in her daddy from the bike.


My sweet parents


Aaron, the cutie. Finn’s bud.

Our love and the reason we don’t waste our ability to move:

9762879912_cb48f04724_b 9762907692_fb546a54c3_b 9763030946_1d7c6ecceb_b 9763092455_bd247f056c_b

Joey beat his time by a minute, Dustin beat his by 3 minutes, and I was 3 minutes SLOWER this year. Poop. I know I was sick, but really I think I just transitioned and ran slowly! I was pretty bummed with my time.

9763185253_10e9f018d3_bIt sure was a beautiful morning to be moving and breathing deeply. I loved praying for friends, family and Finn while I struggled through each stage of the race. I’m thankful for legs that do what I ask them to, despite their lethargic pace this particular morning.


5 thoughts on “Second Tri

  1. It was so great seeing you guys out there yesterday. Way to hang tough, push through, and finish Ashley! Don’t be disappointed with your time. You still did well considering your body had barely begun repairing itself before you put a beating on it. 🙂
    If I had known, I would have competed for team S.B. as well. Next year or even on my next tri, please let me know how I can join your team and represent Finn and anyone else effected by S.B.

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