First Book Signing

Saturday morning’s forecast was pouring down rain with a chance of more rain. Hooded and hunched, we hauled a cart of fruit, danish platters and an orange jug of water across the street to the Family Life Center. Our book signing was supposed to be held at the outdoor playground, but the weather told us to go with Plan B.

Our sweet friends, Morgan and Jeff, showed up early to help us set up, and Joey’s parents drove down from Tulsa to help corral Finn. We were so glad they came because Joey and I were busy!photophoto-2

Finn whizzed around in his wheelchair, charming and flirting with the guests for about 2

The Strevett family was the first to show up and stayed the entire time, playing games at a nearby table. They even let Finn in on a round of

Despite the rain, we had a fantastic showing and sold over 100 books…completely selling out of hardbacks.

We were surprised by some old friends and Finn’s daycare teacher, Ms. Valerie, even showed up! It was fun to see so many friends and we’re eternally grateful for their continued support.

The Dokes!

The Dokes!


If you weren’t able to come to the signing or missed my first blog post/round of book reservations, here are your options:

  1. Come to our second book signing at Full Circle Bookstore in OKC. Saturday, Oct. 19th from 3-5pm. Get there early…I’m hoping we’ll run out of hardbacks quickly.
  2. Order paperbacks online through Tate Publishing’s website. They take about 2 weeks to arrive.
  3. Order the Kindle version through Amazon.
  4. Email me at ashley_dawn6@ NOW 🙂 to reserve a hardback or two. I’ll give you more info and where you can send your mula in a reply email. We will place one more shipment of hardbacks just in time for Christmas. They take about 6 weeks to arrive, so if you need a book for an upcoming shower, etc., I suggest ordering a paperback through

Thanks again for your support and for following our journey.


5 thoughts on “First Book Signing

  1. We are loving our copy! Tucker has throughly enjoyed all the different kids. We’re are all about books with all different colors and kinds of kids. Glad you guys have had such a great response!

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