Pumpkins and Pot Roast

The leaves aren’t changing in Norman yet, but fall is creeping into October nonetheless.

I love change. I crave it. Change is normalcy for me: moving eight times as a kid, changing careers from English teacher to personal trainer, four homes in seven years of marriage, three jobs in the last four years….I’m not sure how I’d even handle sameness.

I love this cooler change of weather, the way Norman swells with excitement on game day, boots and scarves, hot coffee instead of iced at Starbucks, pumpkin harvest candles and pot roast in the slow cooker.

Finn is changing too. He’s talking all day long…to himself in the mirror, to Jersey, to us. He says so many words and has so many expressions. We couldn’t be more thankful for his communication skills. photo 3

photo 5This also affords the opportunity to see quite an array of emotions, including the occasional irrational tantrum. photo 1 photo 2

And he’ll do just about anything for a laugh…the scrunchy face usually works.photo

Here’s to a fabulous fall season! Hoping you’re embracing the current changes in your life–the good and bad, natural and unnatural, minute and monstrous changes.photo-1


4 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Pot Roast

  1. Thanks for writing this. My little family is welcoming changes and we are not a “yay for change” kind of people. LOL…this reminds me to trust, have faith, and let go of my stresses and let God move within my family with joy. Thanks Ash…

  2. I love the fall, it is without a doubt my favorite time of year, always has been. That crisp fall air reminds me it’s football season which brings my Dad to mind. You know that song the Boys of Fall, it creates all kinds of flashbacks for me. The pictures of your beautiful Finn with the pumpkins, his joyful little face, I can’t help but think he and you and Joey will have wonderful memories of fall to hold on to with your little boy. After a perfect weather fall weekend, I am filled with the thought that God is good and in control. I am happy to be alive.


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