Tangled Up

Sorting, hanging, printing, pinning, and tagging. While preparing for the Just Between Friends kids consignment sale this week, I am reminded of something I loathe: hangers.




when hangers get all hooked on each other; jumbled up and stuck.photo

It makes me frustrated, huffy and hot.

This is the same reason I dislike anything with multiple cords, the velcro on Finn’s cloth diapers, pulling a spatula out of the utensil container, or digging for keys in a deep, dark purse. Don’t even ask me to disentangle a chain necklace.

I like order and organization; everything to have its place. I’m working to be a mom that’s okay with messes…but it’s a stretch for me.

In the same way, I think I struggle with relationship misunderstandings. I hate to be misunderstood or misrepresented. I want my voice to be clear, my opinion to be validated and tensions to be smoothed out. I’m a verbal processor. While speaking to a group of people, I often hear myself ask, “Does that make sense?” I need to know that you understand me and I want to understand you.

These guys get me.

These guys get me.

This was a hindrance to my relationship with God for a long time. I wanted to understand why and when. But of course now I’m certain I do not want to serve a God I can understand, for then I would be greater than He. And I am not so great. So I guess I’m okay with my thoughts about God being a little fuzzy…tangled up in faith and confusion.

But not my hangers.


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