Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball

Twelve of us high society-types were gathered together for a costume ball (our annual murder mystery) and a three course meal. Little did we know, twelve would become eleven. One of us would be murdered during the second course. This fate fell to Royal T, the profane and rather gassy Egyptian wrestler who emerged from the bathroom wrapped in crime scene tape, a ghostly white face, and a knife in the heart. Sorry, Jeff.DSC_2512 copy

I was cast as a highly paid actress named Zangolina Holie with a hankering for adoption and humanitarian efforts dressed up for the costume ball as a Southern Belle.  Joey was Sam Spellburg, a highly acclaimed and hairy Hollywood director…who wouldn’t cast me as the lead role in his most recent blockbuster. Dang him. 😉

killer selfie

killer selfie

Check us out.


Laura took over the hostessing duties this year and as expected, put on a fantastic party. We entered though their front door into a candlelit “dining hall” accompanied by loud, bone-chilling music. Each of us brought food, and the costumes were over the top.


So thankful for friends like these.

For a step by step on how to host your own party, check out my post, How to Host a Murder Mystery Party.


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