Child of Steel

Joey and I had dinner too late tonight. We had planned to get Thai Thai takeout after Joey attended an event at church. But Thai Thai is closed on Mondays. Boo. So I ordered from Sweet Basil. Once home, we opened our takeout boxes and the order was wrong. Double Boo. I get really disappointed by food mishaps.

To redeem our evening, we decided to rent Man of Steel, the most recent Superman movie.

About fifteen minutes into it, I’m bawling. Little Clark is sitting in a mop closet crying because the other kids are making fun of him. He’s different. He’s a freak. Clark’s earthly mom comes up to the school to coax him out. Heaven forbid I ever find Finn this way. Oh, my heart!

I know all kids get made fun of; all kids get their feelings hurt. Not just the “different” ones. I sure did.

My hand was raised to go to the bathroom in Mrs. Seastrunk’s first grade classroom. She wouldn’t let me go until I spelled the three different types of “there” in front of the class. I stood up front, crossing my legs in discomfort. Lloyd, in the front row, screeched, “Eww! She peed!” Urine was trickling down my leg and out from under my private-school plaid jumper, puddling on the carpet beneath me. The class screamed. I ran and hid in the bathroom for hours…until my mom came to rescue me.

My child is different. I wish he weren’t. But I believe he’s different in the way Superman is different. Like from another world with a perspective on life that I’ll never understand, an appreciation for the little things, a joy that I hope remains unshakeable. And I pray that just like Clark Kent, he comes to know his True Father…the One from another world.IMG_9977

All good parents believe their child can do anything, be anyone. They are little superheroes. And Finn is my Child of Steel.

11 thoughts on “Child of Steel

  1. Ashley, I am blessed once again by your thoughtful insights! As a Mom I worried that everyone else would love my Robby as much as I did, well that’s not possible. But I guess would at least be kind and respectful to him and that he’d have lots of friends. When I watched him marry the girl of his dreams this past weekend, I couldn’t help but think God had answered my prayers and he had found his best friend, someone else to love him like I do. It was also wonderful to see him reunited with his high school friends to share the ceremony and again I was filled with a grateful heart (for the good friends he grew up with). God is Great to bless us with family and friends to support us in life. I know your Finn will find true friendship too.
    PS. Joey rocked with the wedding song!!!

  2. You bless my heart so much. You don’t even know how amazing you are. A wonderful mother, friend, and most importantly a woman of God. Finn is lucky to have family like you and Joey. Love you both to the moon! Finn really is a man of steel!

  3. From mom to Clark, “listen to my voice” and “make it small”. From Jesus to us, “listen to my voice” and “I am always with you”. From me to you, “be brave, see the deep magic, trust.” I love you.

  4. I read this again today. I love you, friend. So blessed by your words and insight, and I’m glad I get to go through life with you. I’m so thankful God brought is together.

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