A New Song

We had such a fantastic time with family last week. Now that my parents are closer, we got to visit them for two days and spend Thanksgiving with Joey’s family for three days.

Joey, Chad (my brother), my grandparents and I had a great conversation on Tuesday evening about worship style–what we prefer and don’t prefer to sing on Sunday morning. It was so interesting to hear their perspective. I honor their perspective because I honor them. Loud music doesn’t seem reverent to them and they like the tradition of the “old hymns.” Us “young people” love hymns too. Seriously. I think they have the best lyrics. I just prefer not to sing all five stanzas from a hymnal. Maybe that’s because I’m not a good sight-reader, so I spend more time trying to figure out the next note than actually internalizing the words.

Gram and Gramps said they don’t like the repetition of contemporary Christian music. Eww. Joey, Chad and I wholeheartedly agreed. Singing the same phrase over and over again doesn’t seem very creative or artistic. And music–whether secular or religious–is art.

Chad made a good point: we should sing something new and fresh. Old hymns in a new way. Or a new thought about God put to music. If the Holy Spirit is living and breathing, then its changing and adapting like all living things. Not in an indecisive way, but it bends and flexes with culture. The piano was once seen as the instrument of the devil–a symbol of drunken saloon music. Now the piano is sacred in churches.

Papa Terry made Finn the coolest table for Christmas...so he can play in his wheelchair. A new perspective Finn will love!

Papa Terry made Finn the coolest table for Christmas so he can play in his wheelchair. A new perspective Finn will love!

Don’t give the Lord your same-old-same-old…because that doesn’t take much effort. It’s easy to worship Him with what’s familiar. Write Him a new thought in your journal. Pray a new prayer. Maybe rid your language of Christian cliches–the ones you’re not sure what they mean anyway.

Sing a new song to the Lord;
sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to Yahweh, praise His name;
proclaim His salvation from day to day. (Psalm 96: 1,2 HCSV)

Sing Him something new. Try something young and hip. Or try a hymn. Find its beauty. Uncover a new Christian artist; one that’s creative and genuine. Give the Lord something fresh and let Him breathe His life into it.

Love these musical boys.

Love these musical boys.

Praying for new life in my family, my relationships, my career and my church this week. Join me!


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