Finn’s Chair

We ordered a wheelchair for Finn in July. It rolled across our threshold last week. About three months overdue, but it’s here and we are thankful!

First ride in his jammies

First ride in his jammies

Since August, Finn has been perfecting his wheeling and “moonwalking” and TURNING in the demo wheelchair donated by some ridiculously generous family. photo 2

Daycare tells us that he won’t let his chair out of his sight. If they tuck it away somewhere while he’s filling his pockets with sand on the playground, he’ll yell, “Chair! Chair!” until they bring it back into view. Have you ever seen a child under 2 years of age in a wheelchair? Operating it by himself? It will undoubtedly bring tears to your eyes. Finn is a mighty little man. photo 3

Though the thought of a wheelchair in my home was unfathomable about a year ago, it’s here. Parked in the back corner of our living room. And I don’t hate it. It allows my boy the chance to be independent, naughty and mobile. So I’m thankful for the wheelchair…and for insurance–who though painfully SLOW–has helped provide it for us.


7 thoughts on “Finn’s Chair

  1. Look at those silly boy faces that Finn is making for you? I love his new wheels that will help him get into mischief quicker. Merry Christmas and take time each day to see the miracles around you.

  2. “Nobody else is stronger than I am
    Yesterday I moved a mountain
    I’d like to be your hero
    I am a mighty little man”

    Mighty Little Man by Steve Burns (Steve from Blue’s clues!)

    You calling Finn that made me think of the song and how very like Finn it is! The chorus, at least. 🙂

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