The Playground

I whimper a little when I drive or run past playgrounds. They aren’t made for kids with wheels and legs that don’t climb stairs or jump on jungle gyms.

J.D. McCarty Center, however, is a playground made for kids like Finn. photo 3 copy

We quit Sooner Start physical therapy…mostly because our therapist quit and we got a new one who wasn’t meeting Finn’s needs. So now Finn will be doing out-patient physical therapy once a week at J.D. McCarty. At least, we hope so. We’re on the waiting list until February.

The waiting room had a huge “toy” on the wall for kids to wheel up 1 copy

Then the therapist who was performing our initial assessment led us back into a magical “gym” of slides and swings and ball pits made for children with disabilities. photo 4 copy photo 2

Finn had a blast on the platform swing! We are excited to give him new opportunities to become more mobile and we’re hoping to try out all kinds of machines/technology that will help him learn to 3

photo 4We also had an occupational therapy assessment…which he passed with flying colors. The therapist was sad he wouldn’t qualify for therapy because she was looking forward to hanging out with him.

When it was time to leave, Finn put the brakes on his wheelchair and pouted his lower lip. He did not want to leave! photo 2 copy

The three of us are looking forward to therapy on the “playground” at J.D. McCarty.


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