Finn Update: 22 Months

Somewhere between fifteen months and today, Finn has rapidly been growing up.

I witness the miracle of it daily and sometimes neglect to tell you how he’s doing. I forget that many of you read this blog solely because you care about Finn. And I love that you care about Finn.

So here’s his progress over the past several months:

  • He counts to ten forward and backward, and only misses “fifteen, sixteen” when counting to twenty. The performance is always followed by his own applause.
  • He can say his ABC’s with some help and a little mumbling.
  • He talks almost non-stop. Some small sentences, even. Like, “Daddy, sit here.” Or “No, Jersey! Ew! Yuk!” (I think he learned that one from me.) His voice is honey to my ears.
  • He acquired his own wheelchair in December and can operate it like a pro.

    Knocking over ottomans at the library. All Joey's idea...

    Knocking over ottomans at the library. All Joey’s idea…

  • Wheelchair: We’re learning not to tip off curbs. He went face over wheels in the backyard this weekend just trying to go the inch off our patio slab. Ever the brave one, he brushed it off after a couple minutes in daddy’s arms and it’s a miracle there’s no more damage than a scratched chin.  We’re also trying to teach our friends at daycare and elsewhere not to put on his brakes while he’s trying to get somewhere (this is like tripping a walking child), not to pick him up by the wheels (this causes him to flip forward and smash his face on the ground–our friend Ryder got all his front teeth knocked out when his friends unknowingly lifted him off a curb by his wheels), and not to unbuckle him, as he will topple forward.
  • He is affectionate. The little charmer blows kisses to all his teachers when leaving daycare and generously gives hugs and “tisses” to mommy and daddy.photophoto (3)
  • He STOOD UP (with help) for the first time at Christmas! Finn has never been able to bear weight on his legs before, so this was unbelievable! We were all hooting and hollering and Finn was so proud of himself. We practice this now every day and it gives us hope that someday he may be able to take a few steps on his own.

    photo (7)

    Nana D is quite the motivator!

photo (6)

  • Finn likes puzzles and wooden blocks and is recently into cars and trucks–anything he can throw across the wood floor and (2)
  • The end of the month (Joey’s birthday) will be a year without a shunt revision. We are so incredibly grateful. The shunt is the scariest part of Finn’s condition–for me, anyway. I honestly must give the fear that he’s a ticking time bomb over to the Lord on a daily basis. I often worry that these days will be the easiest days of Finn’s life. Conditions often worsen and complicate for most kids with Spina Bifida and it’s hard not to be discouraged by stories we know of adults and older children with SB.
  • He loves watching Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George and Sesame Street when we allow him some screen time. He lounges back in his monogrammed Pottery Barn arm chair and engages in the show like a big boy.

    Mickey Mouse from Nana and Papa A.

    Mickey Mouse from Nana and Papa A.

  • It’s shameful how well this toddler can operate an iPad or iPhone. He has a folder for his own apps and can find them on his own, thank-you-very-much! He even adjusts the volume on the side–rendering the mute switch obsolete.
  • Finn LOVES music just like his daddy, and he’s got naturally great (5)
  • We are excited to celebrate Finn’s second birthday with family at the end of February.

Though he doesn’t know why mommy’s tummy is growing, he sure loves to poke at my ever-stretching belly button. Finn will make a fantastic older brother to Armstrong baby #2 and we are excited to become a family of four this summer.


6 thoughts on “Finn Update: 22 Months

  1. Finn is who he is today AND has come as far as he has because of his two amazing parents and God’s mercy and grace! My heart is full!

  2. So happy for this amazing boy…and his wonderful chosen parents. Many blessings….what an inspiration. God is faithful….and what wonderful news…about baby Armstrong. I can’t believe nana Becky did not tell me…..nana Becky,s friend…ruth dunn

    • Finn will be a great big brother! Y’all are doing a wonderful job of raising him. I love that little boy”s smile…warms my heart 🙂

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