Pink Bows

I was almost bald until I was two, so my mom taped bows to my head to prove I wasn’t a boy.



I’ve never really been a bow kind of girl, but I’m thrilled to be welcoming all things GIRL for this next baby!

All day Monday my stomach was in knots and my nerves were threadbare. We waited over an hour in the waiting room for our specialist–longer than we’ve ever waited before–to find out the verdict: is our second child “healthy?” The boy or girl thing was so secondary.

We watched the ultrasound screen on the wall opposite of us with hands clenched together tightly. Last time we came for this appointment, we found out Finn had Spina Bifida. The doctor left the room to give us some space and we wept in the bathroom.

Starting with the skull, Dr. Stanley ruled out Spina Bifida, checked the nose bridge for Down Syndrome, the lips for a cleft palate, the heart for abnormalities, the spine again for Spina Bifida, the feet, the hands, the stomach…the cute little bum…to tell us we have a HEALTHY baby girl.

Finn will be the best big bro!

Finn will be the best big bro!

Praise the Lord!

Tears streamed down my cheek–liquid joy seeping from my eyes. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so thankful for any news in my life.

Life is so uncertain. This child may be born “healthy” and then we find other issues. Or she may not make it past her first birthday. Every day is a miraculous gift from above. For now, I’m reveling in the grace that is a healthy child…a female one! ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “Pink Bows

  1. Okay I know everyone is going to say this, but you and Finn look just a like!!! Oh my goodness! Anyway, congratulations on your baby girl. I am so happy for you all!

  2. A Big CONGRATS to both of you and God is Great!! I can not believe how much Finn looks like you; I thought I was looking at a picture of him at first. P.S. The rubber ducky swimsuit is FABULOUS!!!

  3. You’re so right, you just never know what life will bring! But now you know it will bring you a healthy daughter. God bless your beautiful family.


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