Choosing Battles

What an uneventful weekend! Lots of Olympics and movie rentals…if I were a winter Olympian, I think I’d want to be a cross country skier. Skiathlon women are fierce. And I love the way they flop dramatically across the finish line.1391862649020-USP-Olympics--Cross-Country-Skiing-Ladies-Skiathlo1

Woke up late for our first JD McCarty physical therapy appt on Saturday. Finn got in! Yay! He had a blast. (Playground post about this place)

Shooting baskets to build leg strength. Finn loves "b-ball!"

Shooting baskets to build leg strength. Finn loves “b-ball!”

Slam dunk!

Slam dunk!

Finn in the "KidWalk." His legs just dragged, but maybe someday they won't.

Finn in the “KidWalk.” His legs just dragged, but maybe someday they won’t.

Joey performed a wedding for a couple of sweet college students on Saturday. I had to stuff a cheese cube in Finn’s mouth because he wouldn’t quit pointing at the stage and yelling, “Daddy!”

And I’m sick. Really sick. I mean, I’ve had a cold for over a month. I get it; I can’t take anything much while I’m pregnant, and I know my sinuses get inflamed in the second trimester, but whatever hit me on Thursday morning was something different. Mean.

I’ve had no sense of smell or taste for five days. I took Finn to the nursery at church on Sunday and all the ladies pinched their noses: “Phew! What’s that smell?” Well, it was my son. And he had burst through his diaper; poop up the back, and I couldn’t smell it.

I have the hearing acuity of an ninety-year-old. My clients are making fun of how I’m whispering instructions: “Do what kind of push up exactly?!” I’m not sleeping well (sorry, Joey!). My face hurts. My ears won’t pop, and each time I cough this horrible, manly cough, my stomach feels like it’s going to explode. It’s just cruel to combine round ligament tears with deep coughing.

My weekend was full of Mucinex (which is worthless), wads of tissues, herbal tea and honey…

If you’re sick like me, order this next time you go to Starbucks (but not the location on Main in Norman…they “don’t do steamed lemonade. It messes up their wands.” What?!) :

“Grande mint tea with steamed lemonade and one packet of honey”

Thank me later.

…blueberries and green juice. We have to cheat and buy our green juice/smoothies now. Finn can’t handle the sound of the juicer, the blender or the food processor. He thinks we’re all dying or something. You have to choose your

I hate going to the doctor. The worst is when they call you back–you think you’re getting somewhere–and then you wait in an even colder room for over an hour while you hear the doctor telling jokes in the hallway. It drives me batty.

But I woke up today feeling badly enough so I surrendered and went to the doctor. No flu, bronchitis or strep. No clue. So I’m on a low dose antibiotic and I pray to Jesus it works. Because I’m miserable. And the only time I hate my job is when I’m sick. Not fun to teach a spin class when every breath hurts.

Well, here’s to choosing your battles and hoping your health is better than mine of late.


7 thoughts on “Choosing Battles

  1. I have become an avid reader of your posts and can’t wait to see new pictures of Finn. Love your enthusiasm and Finn is just an inspiration. I pray from the bottom of my heart that he one day not only stands on his feet but walks and runs!!!

    God bless,

  2. I, too, look forward to seeing how life with the Finn & mom & daddy are going. You are a great blogger, Ashley! Joining the saints in prayer for Finn & now for momma’s health So sorry you are not feeling well………………!:o(

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