What to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Okay, people. Let’s chat.

Something about a woman with a protruding  belly and low-slung elastic banded jeans makes people think they can say all sorts of crazy things. Right?!

6 months preggo with Finn

6 months preggo with Finn

It seems we feel license to talk about a woman’s body–to her face even–simply because she’s pregnant. It’s certainly not appropriate to discuss a woman’s changing (aka: enlarging) body whilst not pregnant, but once she’s expecting, it seems any comment goes.

I share most of this in pure jest…most. 😉 It’s just a phenomenon I’ve witnessed with both pregnancies that I think many women can relate to.

6 months preggo with Finn

6 months preggo with Finn

I recall complete strangers coming up to me at the gym or church to talk about my body while I was pregnant with Finn. And now again with baby girl. They reach out to touch my belly. Tell me I’ve really gotten big in the past week. I still look good–for a pregnant woman. The baby’s “riding low.” Your chest has grown! Are you sure you have the right due date? One man at the gym even admitted he thought I was injured or something because he thought I had let myself go. (This one makes me giggle!)

So, if you’re unaware or it’s been a while since you’ve popped out a few kids yourself, may I remind you:

Pregnant women are emotional. And oftentimes fragile. And self-conscious. We KNOW our bodies are changing/growing. Every popping button tells us so. You really don’t need to remind us. 🙂

At least I will speak for myself. In my career, my body is a focal point. I wear spandex in front of mirrors. And people watch my movements. It’s frightening! Especially when I’m not really liking the way my crops are fitting.

Half-way with baby girl! 20 weeks.

Half-way with baby girl! 20 weeks.

So…if you’re wondering what to say to a pregnant woman, just tell her she looks great. Cute. Healthy.

And on the off chance that she doesn’t really look that great, remember what your mommy taught you when you were a kid: If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t ask her if she’s having twins!


5 thoughts on “What to Say to a Pregnant Woman

  1. My favorite comments from locals while pregnant with Brooks: “I knew you were pregnant because your butt is bigger”. After asking me to spin in a circle “Yep, you’re fatter here . . . here . . . here . . . AND here!” #notevenkidding

  2. When I was pregnant with Riggins and still working up til the very end, I walked into the office one morning to have a male coworker greet me with, “You’re looking ripe today, Mrs. Poe!” Gag. Ripe should just never be used in reference to a human being. Ever. Especially not a 37 week pregnant one. (Although let’s be honest, he was probably right 😉

  3. This is wonderful! Reminded me of baby #3 (Cass); I was asked when I was due, and had to answer honestly, ‘6 months ago, it was a girl!’ Yes, there will be pain in childbirth. And before. And after 😉

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