What Do You Do…

…when you get an unexpected child-free day?!

Today felt like a free day off. Of course it wasn’t free because we had already paid for the month of daycare anyway, but after physical therapy at JD McCarty, we dropped Finn off at GoKids.

Finn loves "Cardy!" Beth is such a fantastic physical therapist. Standing is hard work!

Finn loves “Cardy!” Beth is such a fantastic physical therapist. Standing is hard work!

He normally doesn’t attend daycare on Fridays, but since we were in Arkansas for Spring Break all week (more on that in a later post), they were able to squeeze him onto the roster today.

Then J and I went out for breakfast, of course. Syrup is our usual, and breakfast/brunch out is our favorite.

My family would go out for breakfast just about every Saturday growing up; and usually it was to a new place my dad had researched or my mom had a coupon for.

Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day anyway, so Joey and I don’t mind stuffing our faces with blueberry pancakes, eggs and crispy bacon. Mugs of piping hot Stumptown coffee make my whole body smile with warmth.

Then we dropped off our taxes to our sweet CPA. Such fun.photo 2 copy

Went to Copelin’s Kidoodles for a couple birthday gifts…and saw our book for sale! Shameless plug: They have plenty of hardback copies available and proceeds still go toward Finn’s medical bills. Baby showers and birthday parties coming up?

photo 3 copy

Then I folded this monster pile of laundry. Pairing the socks is the worst. I huff the whole time.

photo 4

While Joey watched some March Madness, I took my first and hairiest child, Jersey, on a long walk.

photo 1

I mean, long. 70 minutes worth of uncomfortable steps for this preggo. I’m getting large, and my bones and joints are protesting.

Ate a bunch of white grapes (my favorite snack these days) and two slices of organic wheat bread with homemade apple butter. Recipe here. P.S. I puree mine in the food processor to make it smooth.


The bread and the apples we got from Bountiful Baskets, a produce co-op we joined about a month ago. We are LOVING it! Vegetables and fruits star in our weekly menu and I can’t wait to discover what we’ll get tomorrow. Eee!

Got my hair trimmed by the lovely Dawna. My split ends were distracting me while driving. Not safe.

Picked Finn up from daycare! He was full of sand…we nearly stripped him down in the parking lot.

I’ve been craving the Über Earth Burger at The Earth Cafe. Oh my. This thing is vegan but a million times better than its carnivorous brother.

Joey always runs into a hipster he knows on campus...

Joey always runs into a hipster he knows on campus…

This is how Finn responds lately if he’s not given chicken nuggets for dinner.


It’s ridiculous. I’ll admit I thought it’d be so easy to get your kid to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Not so. This kid is stubborn and I get weary. We’re working hard to add more and more variety and veggies to each meal–whether he eats them or not.

Bath time.

Baby’s in bed. He fell asleep on my shoulder while drinking his milk. MELTS ME. I’m so in love with him.

Thankful for an uneventful but carefree day…minus Finn’s snot in my hair and Party Like a Preschooler on the car stereo.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do…

  1. Bless you Ashley, your post comes just when I am wondering if I will ever be able to smile from the heart again or enjoy a normal day. I live in Africa, and everyone around me keeps advising me to take my boy to India to get better treatment so when a neurologist came from India, I took my child to him to ask if there is actually anything else I should be doing and if it is worth it to go to India. And the doctor’s response was that my child will never walk, that my child is born with SB because of me and that we will be miserable taking care of him because we were not smart enough to detect the defect earlier. He crashed me and I can’t stop crying.

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