Paisley Dawn

Joey and I didn’t decide on a name for Finn until the week before he was born. We found it much more difficult than we thought to name a child.

Here’s our criteria for human naming:

1) We like it.

2) Uncommon

3) Has some meaning–nothing monumental, but some significance to speak of

4) Easy to spell–spelled like it sounds

5) Easy to pronounce–for the ordinary American citizen with a 5th grade reading level

6) Sounds good with the family middle names we’ve chosen (Joseph and Dawn)

I have so many friends who are pregnant right now. Many are due within a month of me and several are having girls. So fun! But I must admit, it made me panic a little…what if they choose a name off our short list before we do?! Catastrophe! (sarcasm here)

But seriously, I thought it might be fun to monogram girly things, prepare baby girl’s room with a name in mind, and to pray for her by specifically by name.

So, Paisley Dawn it is!

photo 2

“Paisley” is a Scottish word meaning “church.” We loved the spiritual significance here. Christ calls the Church his Bride. Capital “C”…like his people, not the building or denomination. His Beloved. The one he pursues with reckless abandon, rescues and redeems. Beautiful.

It’s feminine. I like that.

And “Dawn” is my mom’s sister’s name and my middle name. I love it. In the dawn I find grace for a new day; light nudging through darkness.

Oh, and we liked the way “Finn and Paisley” sounded together.

photo 1

So there. We named another human.

Now we have to raise her…


3 thoughts on “Paisley Dawn

  1. Paisley Dawn sounds great. Bekah’s middle name is Dawn. She is named after our journey woman teacher we had for our older children, Thomas and Martha. Lisa was a baby at the time. Dawn is still serving in China. She was with the IMB for many years working with orphans. Praying for you, Joey, and Finn as this journey continues.

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE her name! Love the little magnets in that last pic! Finn will be such a sweet big brother! So excited to meet your princess!

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