Soul Food

Last weekend was great. We went to the All Sons and Daughters concert Friday night.

photo 1

Joey was helping sponsor their stay in Norman, so he got to eat meals with them, hang out at a local recording studio, and get a preview of their next album. The band members are quality people. Kind, humble, seeking the Lord, and fantastically talented musicians. Joey and I haven’t worshiped beside each other in a very long time (he’s usually on stage at church).

photo 2

It was good for our souls and our marriage.

The lyrics that affected me most:

I could hold on. I could hold on to who I am and never let You change me from the inside.

And I could be safe. I could be safe here in Your arms and never leave home;

Never let these walls down.

But you have called me higher. You have called me deeper;

And I will go where you will lead me Lord.

It’s so much easier to be safe and unchanged by the Lord’s refinement…but He’s called me higher.

This year, All Sons and Daughters are supporting a global food ministry called Feed One. It’s based on Mother Teresa’s wisdom: “If you can’t feed one hundred, then just feed one.” The ministry ships and delivers food to hungry children all over the world. Only $10/child per month. I said in my previous post that I was looking for more ways to give. Well, here’s one. Joey and I are thankful to be able to provide food for two kids/month. Hope you’ll join us!

Saturday night, Joey played a set at a local coffee shop.


He did this often in grad school, but hasn’t performed for friends or coffee-sippers in several years. It was so good for me to watch him have fun playing music.


He is such a humble, gifted musician. There was a great showing (thanks to all who came to support!), he played mostly originals, Jay played the banjo with him for a couple songs,


and there were well-deserved “encores” at the end. I’m so proud.

I fell asleep Saturday night feeling dehydrated. I gulped down the water on my nightstand around midnight and dreamt of clear mountain streams and buckets of cool water all night long. Pregnancy calf cramps reminded me of my need for more liquid, but I couldn’t bring myself to heave out of bed, so I remained parched; lips cracking. Upon waking, I plodded down the hallway to the kitchen to fill a glass of water from the fridge. Ahhh. It’s that easy for me. I’m thirsty, so I go down the hall. I thought of those children around the world who go to bed thirsty or hungry…and feel the pangs of discomfort for days; weeks. So unjust.

Paisley and I had our first shower this weekend.



It was hosted by a few of my clients and co-workers.

photo 3

Baby carriage deviled eggs!

Baby carriage deviled eggs!

I am so blessed to have such smart, strong, beautiful women in my life. Cassie made one of her fabulous cakes–strawberry and cream cheese. Unreal.

Divinity by Cassie Cakes

Divinity by Cassie Cakes

I’m grateful today for raw, worshipful music. Joey.


Baby showers. A duallie BOB stroller, and the women who made it possible. Clean water. And food in our bellies. Amen.




One thought on “Soul Food

  1. I continue to love your blog!

    You write with a real, raw honesty that speaks to me and I loved hearing about your time of worship. I’m a singer and worship is very important to me, and I like to hear songs that bring me closer to the Lord. You are so blessed to live with a great musician! My husband is a musician too and a songwriter and it’s really wonderful to always have music.

    Finn is darling, by the way!

    And Paisley is the sweetest name.

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