Breakfast. Coffee. Yum.

If you know Joey and I, you know we love breakfast. Brunch. Morning food.

Here’s why:

1) It’s cheaper than going out for dinner.

2) We don’t have to choose between sweet and savory. (I can have blueberry pancakes AND eggs or bacon.)

3) Finn can go with us so we don’t need a sitter. He’s happier in the morning too.

4) My family went out for breakfast just about every Saturday, usually prompted by my dad. It’s nostalgic.

5) We love coffee.

6) Health-conscious people know you should NEVER EVER skip breakfast.

Some of the best breakfasts we’ve ever had were in Europe during grad school. I’ll never forget the palatial spread in Salzburg, Austria,


the kava (coffee) and chocolate danish in Slovenia,


or the fresh, seasonal breakfasts fit for an emperor in Italy.

But Oklahoma offers several yummy breakfast venues too. We like to support local businesses, and they’re usually better than large chains anyway. Because I need a project these days or I’ll just sit around and groan, I’m blogging about where we go for our favorite meal of the day. If you’re totally uninterested in this topic, no offense taken. I’m just keeping my mind busy. 😉

A review of some of our fav breakfast spots:

For the Best Coffee:

  • Stumptown Coffee -brewed in Oregon and sold at Syrup in Normanphoto 1 copy
  • Elemental Coffee- locally brewed in OKC! Find this delicious java at Cool Beans (a coffee shack off Alameda in Norman), Cuppies and Joe in OKC (our buds from college own this quaint cupcake, pie and coffee joint!), Crimson and Whipped Cream in Norman, Elemental Coffee in Midtown OKC, Sips Kafe in Shawnee (one of my college roomies owns this coffee shop and events venue!) or buy it at Forward Foods in Norman.
  • Mariposa Coffee– enjoy a cup of this small batch coffee brewed in Norman at The Earth, Local, Second Wind, Scratch, or Waving Wheat Bakery.
  • Grey Owl Coffee- off Grey St. in Norman, they brew Topeca coffee out of Tulsa. I love their cappuccinos, and if you get a good barista, they’ll make it pretty for you. The shop is usually packed with studying hipster students, but you may not get a smile out of the staff. 😉IMG_5920

For the Yummiest Food:

In Norman:

  • Syrup Breakfast Boutique– a quaint little place off Main St. in downtown Norman, this restaurant is one of our staples. We make it there most Friday mornings after Finn’s physical therapy. They give the kids a biscuit for free and proceeds go to support two projects in 3rd world African countries. Our fav menu items: Crunchy French Toast, Stuffed Fritatta (I get the veggie version–it’s not on the menu), The Nompton (for when you’re really hungry), Home Sweet Homa (sweet potato pancakes!), Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, and recently Joey enjoyed their biscuits and gravy. We also love their Stumptown Cold Brew (iced coffee). Tell Johnny we said hi!photo 2 copy photo 4
  • Scratch– I haven’t been personally for brunch, but I love their dinner and a trusted resource and fellow breakfast connoisseur says it’s fantastic. The service is pretty slow, but they make everything from “scratch” so give ’em a break. 🙂 Only served on weekends.
  • Juan del Fuego- A little nicer and less greasy than The Diner off Main (featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives), this Mexican diner is delish. Most of their savory items take on the same spicy flavor from the griddle: jalapeno, onions and garlic. I like their blueberry pancakes and Relleno omelet. Joey takes Finn here for breakfast before the library opens on Wednesdays. photo…And if you’re lucky, Sweets and Spurs may be open next door by the time you leave. Best cupcakes in OKC area!


  • Cheever’s– This is one of my fav restaurants for any meal in OKC. I dream about their weekend brunch. $4 mimosas, Elemental coffee, build-your-own omelets, Chihuahua queso, and Masa Vallo con Huevos are our favorites. I think Cheever’s is more fun without kids. It’s small, romantic and a little more upscale.

    queso to die for

    queso to die for

  • Kitchen No. 324– Yum. Though the tables are pushed WAY too closely together, this restaurant in downtown OKC has the best atmosphere. White marble, steel tabletops, swanky green booths, and the bathroom tiles are gorgeous. They serve hand-poured coffees (brewed in-house), homemade pastries (which aren’t so fantastic, in my opinion), healthy fresh-squeezed green juices, and delicious from-scratch savory options. My favorites are the Open-faced Toast (I get crispy bacon instead of ham and the Bechamel sauce on the side) and the homemade granola with 3 copyphoto 2IMG_4251
  • Flint– On the bottom floor of the beautiful, historic Concord hotel near Bricktown, Flint offers breakfast daily until 10 and brunch on weekends from 10-2. The heart-healthy omelet is deliciously wholesome and the lemon ricotta pancakes with papaya chutney are outstanding. Such a beautiful venue!

    brunch with the roomies

    brunch with the roomies

  • Cafe Antigua- Hole.In.The.Wall. Guatemalan yumminess. The coffee is gross but you can’t beat the food. Located off Classen in some weird grey concrete buildings, you’ll want to be sure to lock your car.antigua2Go with friends and you’ll forget the atmosphere and sticky plastic tablecloths once you try their Migas or my fav, the Huevos Motuleno. Oh my. I’m salivating.


    Huevos Motuleno!

  • Prairie Thunder Baking Co.– This little bakery in Midtown is a source of healing for Joey and I. We’ve stopped here after many of Finn’s appointments at OU Children’s, even a few of his ER visits. Oftentimes we sit in silence, a calm after the storm, but something about their biscuits and gravy is cathartic. Get there early…they run out quick.IMG_1623

Hope you’ll try one of these mouth-watering places soon. Do you have any local favorites I haven’t mentioned? Please share!



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