39.5 weeks of pregnancy down; one night’s sleep to go. You come tomorrow morning, sweet Paisley Dawn!

photo 1

My puffy toes are painted pink. For you.

photo 4

I slathered on one last dollop of Mama Bee Belly Butter.

photo 3

I’ve had a practice run at the hospital. False alarm on Sunday. 🙂


Your Nana’s and Papa’s are here to welcome you. You are so loved already.

Big brother Finn is excited to meet you too. We’ve been reading about you in this book from cousin Everett.

photo 5

Jersey is away at Annie’s Ruff House, but can’t wait to lick your face this weekend.

I’ve prayed over your room with tears of fear and joy, sad to lose our familiar routine and family of three but so excited that you’ll be joining our team.

photo 2

I am so ready to meet you and hold you and give you a home. You are what our family is missing. We need you.

See you tomorrow.

Love, Mom





6 thoughts on “Expecting

  1. Tears…for the “so close to home” as well as the faithfulness He has shown the Armstrongs. Ready to see that face that I pray will be a dear friend of our Murphy Jane. Our love & prayers…R,J, OSW

  2. And I cried when reading this. I hope everything will go well and that Paisley comes to this world without problems.

    Give her a kiss from me too. Wish you all a great journey of four muscetiers 😉 *

    Love from Bovec, will be thinking of you.

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