Wet Hair

I just wanted to blow dry my hair this morning. To smooth it out with a flat iron and feel pretty.

I’ve worn it wet and curly for the past week. The curls get all weird and frizzy and I feel even more disheveled than I did before I showered. I smell like milk and spit up and my tummy still looks several months pregnant. Hormones are making me sweaty. Mascara can’t hide my tired eyes. I didn’t think a second child would make such a difference in our family’s tidy, established routine.

Just as I was starting the blow dryer, Paisley began crying, reminding me–her sole food supply–that it’s time to eat. Now.

Wet hair. No vitamins or water to wash them down. Smeared make up. Frantic. Late to pick up Joey for brunch at Kitchen No. 324. If it weren’t for my mom/Superwoman, I’m not sure I would have been wearing shoes. She has been so incredibly helpful the past three weeks. I seriously could not have done this without her. I’m not supposed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. post-c-section and Finn needs to be lifted just about everywhere. She’s been a saint…a saint with an aching back, no less. Thank you, Mom.

Anyway…Finn and Paisley are teaching me to chill out. To remember this time of delirious exhaustion is fleeting. Reminding me to enjoy the little things–the beautiful minutia that comprises our days.

Here’s what they taught me this week:

We need rest. Get it when and where you can.

photo 1 copy

cat naps with Nana

cat naps with Nana

You’re blessed when you find pineapple in your fruit cup.

photo 1 photo 2

Play it cool.

Play it cool. Wear shades.

Wear shades.


photo 4 copy

Jersey enjoyed Finn's spilled chocolate milk.

Jersey enjoyed Finn’s spilled chocolate milk.

Wear what makes you happy.

photo 4

“Pack Pack” at dinner.



Thankful today for the little ones who help me savor the little things.



3 thoughts on “Wet Hair

  1. In the blink of an eye those tired but precious days of having a toddler and newborn will be gone. You have the best support system in your parents and in your in-laws. You will get back into a routine before you know it. Hang in there and relax when you can aand laugh with your babies and Joey.

  2. Ashley,
    Congratulations on your new angel baby :). I enjoy your blog so much and just want to thank you for sharing your life and inspiring other young moms. I am preparing to send my oldest, Grace, to kindergarden in just a couple of short months and I am wishing those days of having a newborn and 2 year old back!!
    I promise you will hit your stride soon and the new normal will be just a smooth as the old one. These are the mommy trenches so hang in there and wear your hair frizzy! You are lovely anyways ;).
    God Bless!
    Beth (Katie B’s SIL)

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