Big Brother Finn

We get asked frequently how Finn is doing with a new sister at home. He was very possessive and insecure the first week, but has been a doll ever since. I think once we fell back into a routine he felt more stable, as we all do.

He asks to hold Paisley at least once a day. When she cries (which happens often), he advises us to “Change diaper.” Good idea, Finn. I wish it were that easy. Anytime she makes noise–a grunt or gurgle or fart–he says, “Paisley tooted!” It’s become quite the popular family joke.

We went on a hike last weekend at Lake Arcadia and then had lunch at Pops on Route 66. So much fun; and the best burger I’ve had in a very long time!

photo 2

photo 1

I’ll be so sad when Finn doesn’t fit in our hiking backpack anymore. How will we hike/climb/camp/go on walks together as a family? I know there are ways; it just won’t be the same.

GoKids, our daycare, moved locations. We were apprehensive because Finn doesn’t do very well with change, but he loves it!

Finn with Pack Pack and Chair

Finn with Pack Pack and Chair

It’s a gorgeous, HUGE facility south of Highway 9 with wide open, tiled hallways for Finn to get into trouble. A couple issues, however: this ramp is Finn’s only entrance into and out of school.


photo 4

Holy deltoid workout! It’s impossible for Finn to climb himself, so we have to push him up while carrying Paisley’s carrier and the kids’ bags. Quite the workout. I’ve had nightmares of Finn flying down it, head over wheels. Another problem is that the playground (like 99% of all playgrounds) is not wheelchair accessible. It’s in a grassy yard. They acknowledge this and are starting a fund soon to get turf or slab out there for Finn to be able to play with kids his age. I’ll let you know when that begins in case you want to contribute!

Things have changed for me. I just purchased Day Out With Thomas tickets online and I am SO EXCITED. Like pee-in-your-pants excited.


I never thought I’d be giddy over a tank engine and his “cheeky” friends. I purchased ADA approved seats on the train and the event is wheelchair accessible. Hooray! Finn will not be able to contain himself.

One of his many gifts, Finn is a fantastic musician like his daddy. He plays the drums with perfect syncopation and rhythm. I’m so impressed. I could not imitate him if I tried. Tongue out for concentration and flair.


Finn seeps joy into our exhausting days. He’s so smart and polite and sensitive and funny. Gosh; he’s funny! He has weird little quirks like every kid, but we are so blessed by him. Especially during this grueling newborn phase–we’re grateful Finn hasn’t made it more difficult. He is truly a miracle. Paisley is one lucky little sis.



4 thoughts on “Big Brother Finn

  1. Love this update, but am truly not surprised in the least. Finn is blessed with amazing parents to model, love you four SO much!!

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