Let’s Go

I haven’t lived anywhere as long as I’ve lived in Norman. I moved 8 times growing up and the only constancy in my life has been change. I love change. It builds character. But over the past five years I’ve tasted the comfort of being familiar.


We’ve developed friends that have become like family whilst our families have been far away. We’ve become regulars at local restaurants. We get honked at on every walk we take…and not because we’re hotties; because people know us here. It’s nice to be known.


However, God is calling our family toward change once again. We have prayerfully followed His leading over the past year and it seems He’s drawing our hearts to our families and a new, fresh take on church. LifeChurch.tv, to be exact. We fell in love with the leadership and inner workings of LifeChurch during our three days of interviews. It is heart-wrenching to leave behind so many fantastic people in Norman–people who have held our hands through three of the most difficult years of our lives. Friends who have become family and are helping us raise our kids.

Armstrong_-18 Armstrong_-89

Despite the comfort and community we have in Norman, we’re thrilled to join LifeChurch as they use their resources, creativity and unique gifts to introduce people to Christ.

We’ll be moving to Tulsa in early November, starting at the Midtown location.

In the last ten days we’ve put a couple offers on the same home with the same weirdo sellers, sold our house twice in four days (before it was even listed), called 47 day care centers and been turned away either because of a year-long waiting list or because my son is in a wheelchair (BELIEVE IT–church day care centers do not have to comply with ADA. Sad.), I received three job offerings and took one exciting opportunity with Sky Fitness & Wellbeing.


New doctors and therapists and neighbors and grocery stores. Change is good but it’s also hard. It generates insecurity and uncertainty…sentiments we naturally avoid.

Armstrong_-2 Armstrong_-11

Nevertheless, God calls us to follow Him and to be brave. So, let’s go.

Thank you, Hannah, for shooting our family photos. You rock.


14 thoughts on “Let’s Go

  1. Ashley and Joey,

    You two are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for your service at our church. Thank you for your kindness to my family. Thank you for the example you set for me and so many others. My heart aches at the thought of losing you but respects the decision to follow His calling. The Hare family will always be praying for you and wishing you well. With young children it will be wonderful to be close to family in Tulsa. Enjoy!

    God bless,

  2. Hey Ashley! What exciting news! Did you end up getting the house?! My grandmother’s house to go on the market (not in mid-town, tho: approx 61st/memorial in Shadow Mountain). Not trying to pimp their house to you, but if you’re not just limited to mid-town it could be (in my totally in-experienced opinion) a good lay out for Finn. Congrats on the new gig!!
    –Liz LeCrone

  3. Ash-excited for y’all…anticipating Gods amazing goodness ahead to y’all as ya step out and walk in huge faith…love y’all dearly

  4. Tearfully and reluctantly letting go of our proximity but not the friendship. That’s in my Kung fu grasp. You have meant so much to me these last 4 years. Love you mucho.

  5. Amazing photos, may God protect you wherever you are and wherever you go. Again, I could have written these words myself, as I am also moving to another country. God bless. na

  6. I love these photos and I love your family. We’ll miss you tons and feel so blessed to have the past three years with you. Visit often!

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