“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -Winnie the Pooh

We’ve said a lot of tough goodbyes this week.

I trained my clients and taught spin at Next Level for the last time. They had the sweetest reception table set up for me all day.


My favorite Cassie cupcakes, fruit and too many fabulous gifts.

Angie. My boss and partner. Client and trainer. Friend. Love you, girl.

Angie. My boss and partner. Client and trainer. Friend. Of course we matched on our last day together. Unplanned.

And I savored one last workout with Angie and Sara.

We shared life around the table with six of our favorites.


These people have become like family to us.


They’ve spent hours with us at the NICU, brought onion burgers to the ER (that stunk up our hospital room), celebrated every birthday with a toast, laughed until we peed our pants, tried thousands of new recipes together, treated Finn as though he weren’t different at all, held Paisley when we needed to breathe and supported us through this difficult year of transition.

Our FBC congregation showered us with the kindest reception, words of affirmation and gifts on Sunday morning. So many extraordinary people in that church. Joey taught his last Sunday School lesson to the university class.


They are the brightest, kindest, most fun group of students. Such a tight community. We will miss them terribly.

We enjoyed a meal at Pub W with two of our first and finest Norman friends, Cassie and Chase. They are so special to us. If I had a sister, she would be Cassie. She nannied Finn when he was three months old. The three of us have piles of gym memories. Remember the lady who peed in the tanning bed trash can? Twice? We have high hopes that they will move to Tulsa soon…

Thankfully the kids got in to an extra day of daycare today so we could pack. Of course we had to have one last breakfast at Syrup. Said goodbye to our first and last waiter there, Johnny, and chatted with the rest of the staff.

Finn’s teachers sent him home today with gifts and notes and a few of them cried big tears. Our kids were so well loved at GoKids. We finally found a daycare in Tulsa, but it’s double the cost of GoKids and half as nice. Finn can’t really even get in the building…there are three steps to the front door. I’m hoping they’ll surprise us and be awesome.

As the contents of our home fill empty boxes, I’m reminded of all the work we poured into 504 Winston making it ours.


So much white paint to cover the trim. New floors and doors and windows and knobs. Light fixtures and a fresh coat (or three) of paint in every room. This was a good house. Cozy and small. Just the right size for us. I lifted our bed skirt to pull out the random things beneath and immediately smelled Jersey.

3 months old

3 months old

She used to take naps under our bed. I wish I could bottle up that smell and take it to our new house and put it back under our bed where it belongs. I miss her.

So thankful to have so many wonderful things to miss. And such wonderful things wait for us in Tulsa in the months and years ahead. Psalm 126:3 is written on my heart. It’s the testimony of my life. “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”

Goodbye, Norman. It’s been real.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Oh my goodness. So many memories. So much sadness. So much joy. Tears. You, Ashley, are amazing. I’m so so grateful for the time we had proximity. I loved living around the block from you. I know we’ll have decades of friendship to come. You’re my favorite and I love you so.

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