Surprise Me

Well, friends, it’s been a wild ride–this moving thing.

Last selfie in front of Winston. Our first home--the one we brought our babies home to.

Last selfie in front of Winston. Our first home–the one we brought our babies home to.

We packed our Norman home into boxes on Wednesday and left Thursday morning for Big Cedar Lodge. We surprised Joey’s mom for her 60th birthday. Our van began violently shaking when we would accelerate, so we stopped at a tire shop in Siloam Springs. They couldn’t figure it out. We took it to the Honda dealer on Monday. New axles.

Big Cedar is gorgeous. IMG_9437 IMG_9436The leaves were turning to fire and the air was clean and cool. It was so good to be in a new environment and fun to be with Joey’s immediate family. IMG_9476

Finn and Ev had a blast together–playing with trains, screaming silliness and chasing each other around the lobby. IMG_9463 IMG_9455Happy 60th, Bec! You are such a beautiful, kind woman. I’m blessed to have you as a mother-in-law and friend.

IMG_9449Sunday night, our third buyer on our house backed out. Third. She was a recent widow and got skittish after the inspection. Nothing out of the ordinary, but she was nervous about the repairs nonetheless. So we’re back to square 1 and showing our home while it’s boxed up in our absence. We are praying for a lucid buyer to love it and close soon. We cannot afford two mortgages.

The closing date on our Tulsa home is tomorrow but we still haven’t heard if the TRR repairs have been fixed and the appraisal report hasn’t come through. So I guess we aren’t closing tomorrow. This buying/selling process is frustrating. Please pray with us for provision.

Joey’s experienced a little culture shock switching from a denominational, traditional church to Life Church, but he’s loving the freedom in ministry and the camaraderie he’s found with the staff. We will thrive here. I can’t wait to attend church on Sunday!

It’s been quite humbling to go from maintaining a solid client base at Next Level–oftentimes with a waiting list–to zero clients. I started at Sky Fitness and Wellbeing on Monday. I’m loving this place. And I’m really going to love it once I have something to do. I’ve just been walking around talking to people; interrupting their workouts to introduce myself. It’s pretty awkward, but whatever.

Extra awkward moment today: News Channel 8 came to SkyKids (the fitness facility’s child care center) to interview moms regarding a new Cake Decorating Play Doh kit. playdoh-sweet-shoppe-cake-mountain-playset-63457-0-1406825406000

So on camera, the reporter handed me a toy piece from the kit. It looked just like a penis. Sorry, but it did. She said some parents are outraged and asked what I thought. I giggled like a twelve year old and said, “Well, that’s definitely phallic.” She asked if I’d let my child play with this toy. It’s made for 3 year olds, and Finn certainly wouldn’t think twice about it, but I’m guessing a couple of seven year old boys would find it hilarious. I said something stupid about how there are lots of penis-shaped things in life…like Popsicles and bananas… Watch this embarrassing ordeal here.

Joey’s Aunt Melinda helped us get the kids into a brand new child care center called Children’s Learning Adventure. Finn would have full accessibility. It’s fantastic. And because it’s fantastic, it’s expensive. Not happening just yet.

So we are taking our kids to a small church child care center near the Midtown Life Church location where Joey is working. There are three steps to even get into the building, so it’s inconvenient trying to get Finn in the door or on the playground, but the staff are kind, inclusive people. We were so disappointed in several places who turned us away simply because Finn is in a wheelchair. They were highly recommended Christian facilities. “We’ve spoken to the board and we’re just not set up for that kind of thing.” Who’s the board and what kind of “thing” is my son? He just needs to get in the building and fit through the doors. That’s it. But several places weren’t even willing to let us get that far. I’ve encountered many Christians in my life who are so afraid of anything different that they end up excluding people and new experiences from their lives. They miss out on the beauty of diversity in the process. It’s their loss, really. Finn’s a rock star.

Anyhow, Finn and Paisley have had a great first week of school so far. The infant teachers have mentioned how “strong-willed” Paisley is. (You’re telling me). IMG_9488And Finn’s teacher said he was a great influence on the other kids. He was polite and kind and “such a joy to teach.” IMG_9491I think the students in his class are still trying to get used to his wheels, but it’ll happen.

So, we’re living out of suitcases at Joey’s parents house. Navigating our way through two new jobs. Anxious to sell our house in Norman. Waiting to buy a house here in Tulsa. Praying for safe, affordable child care for our kids.

God surprises me. He doesn’t do things the way I’d do them. He does more. And rarely does He do things in the amount of time I’d like them done. He is outside of time. He works through the impossible.

Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory…”

He thrives on developing our faith, and Joey and I have needed bucket loads of faith over the past two months. Despite the opposition we’ve felt during this move to T-Town, we know it’s right and we are anxious to watch the Lord work it all out…because it sure isn’t happening without Him. He is able to do more than we ask or imagine. Amen.


3 thoughts on “Surprise Me

  1. “He just needs to get in the building and fit through the doors. That’s it.” Preach it Sistah! (Ditto for big kids in wheelchairs 🙂

  2. Love the interview. That’s one way to get new clients 🙂 Hilarious. Blake and I were rolling. So sad about Finn and school and your comment about Christians reactions…we have felt that so much regarding adoption & foster care among Christians.

  3. I hope everything will fall in place soon Ashley. That buying and selling thing is definitely anxiety producing, been there done that! It will happen. Clients will find you soon and I’m praying for you all to find the right situation for the kids. We are missing you and wishing you well.


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