We Prayed for You

Teachers, we prayed for you tonight. We prayed that you would equip Finn with challenging thoughts and more questions than answers. Teach him that his mind is powerful. Help him find what he’s good at and excel at it. We prayed that you would make accommodations for him but not isolate him. Empower him, please.

LifeKids volunteers, we prayed for you tonight. We prayed you would engage Finn in meaningful play; that you would encourage him to join the kids in the bounce house or at the tiny tables, even though it is difficult and unnatural. We prayed that you would show him who Jesus is: that He’s good and kind.

Kids, we prayed for you tonight. We prayed that one or two of you would be kind, inclusive and accepting of Finn and the ways he’s different. We prayed you’d be brave enough to stick up for him, make a place for him at the lunch table, pass him the ball and hold the door. Be his friend.

IMG_0352 2

Girls, we prayed for you tonight. Take care of your body. Then cover it up. Let your inner beauty shine brighter than your outer beauty. We prayed that one of you might fall in love with the boy in the wheelchair. You’d love his humor, his hazel eyes, and his tenacity. He would be your hero and you’d be his.

Doctors and nurses, we prayed for you tonight. That you’d sleep well and be clear-minded to keep Finn and other kids like him healthy and strong. That you’d know what to do in emergencies and save his life if you have to. Be patient with us parents…we’re sensitive.

Thankful for a great neurology appointment this week.

Thankful for a great neurology appointment this week.

Jesus, I prayed to you tonight. My boy isn’t like other boys. Most of the time I love that; I’m thankful for that. But for a minute tonight, I hated it. Sometimes I’m strong, but today the kids pointing at Finn and the stares and the exclusion made me weak. Please help me be the best mom to him (and Paisley) that I can. Thank you for my angel and the miracles you’ve displayed in his life. Thank you for all you will do with his future.


6 thoughts on “We Prayed for You

  1. I’ll never forget when I found out about Finn. We were in ATL and I told my only friend there. Her husband was also there for fellowship. She took my angst and concern with almost a little offense explaining that her uncle was a professor with a doctorate, happily married with children and was born with Spina Bifida. It was all she knew of this man she loved so deeply. We already see how God has used Finn to change us and teach us…I have a feeling this is only the beginning of this world changer.

    And yet the mommy part of me can relate in a small way as Cooper experienced racial stereotyping this week from someone he wants to call his friend. Dangit. It’s so horrible watching our kids experience pain because of ignorance. I love you ash and am so thankful Finn has you to fight for him…

  2. Well said from a heart that is well-versed in praying the hard and bold prayers. I still see the baby freshman, sitting on my couch, grasping for more of Him. Be brave, little mama. He still hears you.

  3. Friend – I love you. Loved this. Makes me teary but my heart warm at the same time. I pray this things too over your baby.

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