One Wittle Candle

We made it, Paisley Dawn; you’re ONE!

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We’ve come a long way, sweet girl.

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There were days and nights when I wasn’t sure if you and I would survive. (see post: Hear Her Roar)

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I see remnants of your angst and ferocity every now and then, but you turned out to be a fun, happy little woman.

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Baby woke up with a double ear infection for her birthday party! 😦


Pedialyte for the party.

You are so strong. I blame those quads and calves on your Papa Mike, but wear them proudly, darling. It is a miracle to watch you take your first steps (five steps just today!) and witness your tiny body functioning as it should. Use your physical gifts to inspire and help others.

Though she be but little, she is fierce. -Shakespeare

Snuggles with Daddy

Snuggles with Daddy

You are so beautiful. Your long, dark lashes, crazy curly hair and feminine face are a gift from above. As your momma, I promise to speak well of my body and of yours, leading you by example to care for your body but not obsess over it. It is more important to be lovely on the inside than the outside. (But I can’t wait for our first pedicure together!)

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You are so smart. I love to watch you calculate problems and observe new situations. You are quick to learn. It is a powerful weapon to be beautiful and smart. I pray that God would make you humble and kind, sensitive to those who are different because of your love for your brother.

Finn made us pray three times for the birthday girl. :)

Finn made us pray three times for the birthday girl. 🙂

You are so funny. You’ve had an uncanny sense of humor since you were only a few months old. You giggle easily like the Armstrongs, a trait I love in you. Your brother makes you smile and laugh like no one else. I pray your friendship with him grows to be something deep and true.

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
 Proverbs 31:25

Still able to laugh and clap even though she felt awful.

Still able to laugh and clap even though she felt awful.

You are a blessing. Your daddy and I are so grateful for you. You complete our family; you’re exactly what we needed. I can’t wait to get to know you better in the days God allows us to have on this earth. Thanks for refining me. I promise to savor every last diaper change and middle-of-the-night snuggle. Fleeting gifts.

All the people around this table LOVE you!

Birthday brunch with family.

Happy Day, little one! We celebrate you.


I know the story reads differently for many other women, but the men in my world are real-life heroes. Princes on steeds. They are strong, kind and brave. This is because they love Jesus.


I’ll never forget a time I was struggling in college. I confessed to him my issues at their Arizona home one lonely Spring Break. He told me it was no big deal. We all mess up. Gotta move on, for Cripe’s sake. I am so hard on myself–a recovering perfectionist. His grace washed over me like healing balm.


He taught me how to organize a garage, play Cribbage and count cards. He loves old western movies and he’ll rob a bank for a back rub.


No one loves his wife’s cooking more than my dad’s dad. He is gentle and loves each of his many grandchildren the same. His eyes fill with tears when he talks about his family. Years of hard work on the farm make him appreciate the little things in life, and there’s no place he’d rather be than fishing with one of his grandkids.



This man loves God and has a reverence for His creation like no one I’ve ever known.


He taught me how to spot a deer in the field, listen for loons on the lake and bait a hook. He is kind and sincere in the purest way. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch him when he’s goofy. He is immune to the demands of American materialism. He’s not above it or below it, he’s just outside of it. And he listens more than he talks–I want to be like that. He tells me he loves me in the sweetest, sappiest ways.


At the end of every run, he points his finger to the sky and thanks God for the gift of breath and movement. One-of-a-kind.


This kid (okay, he’s 28) is chalk-full of integrity. It’s in his bones. He is not satisfied with mediocre living or shallow relationships. He calls family meetings at holidays to ask how he can pray for us. And then he actually prays for us.

Teaching the Word at the Sea of Galilee!

Teaching the Word at the Sea of Galilee!

Silly and loud, he could never sit still as a child. He’d stand in front of the TV or circle the dinner table until we all went insane. He’s intentionally busy but learning how to rest. All will be right with the world when we find him a woman. A really really special woman.



He is home for me. In his arms I feel safe to be myself. He’s seen me at my worst and held my hand anyway; he’s seen me at my best and is publicly proud of me.


He cares deeply about the marginalized, the lesser ones. Annoyingly good at everything he does and devilishly good looking, I’m still so in love. He makes me laugh every single day and there’s no one else I’d rather share the ups and downs of life with.


Finn and Paisley won the jackpot with Joey as their dad.


He’s my father-in-law, but I feel like he’s just my dad. He has big ideas, reads big books and has an even bigger heart. Lumber beware: he will craft you into something beautiful. I’m forever grateful for the dad he was (is) to Joey. I believe kind, empowering, godly dads are what’s missing from our society. Thanks for being one of them.



When I was pregnant with my little boy, I felt like God had forgotten him; made him incomplete somehow. I was so wrong. God spent so much extra time creating Finn. He has more personality and spunk than most adults. He speaks better than most adults too.


His perspective on life will be so fantastically different than mine. I believe (and pray) he will know Jesus in a more intimate way than I ever will. The confidence he has to wheel straight through a crowd of staring people–with a smile on his face–is a gift from above. I am so blessed to have a front-row seat for his little, important life.

Father God

He pursues me with relentless love. Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. He knows my name and cups my face in His hands, calling me Daughter. He disciplines me and makes me terribly uncomfortable when I need it. My Redeemer and Provider. I crave time alone with Him, especially in the mountains. Sometimes He’s silent, but if I’m quiet and humble, I can hear His voice. Despite my circumstances, He is good.

Happy Father’s Day! You are so important, Dads. Keep leading us with courage and love.

Endeavor Games 2015

This weekend Finn competed in his first ever Endeavor Games. We weren’t quite sure how he’d enjoy it, so we didn’t really invite anyone to attend. It’s a qualifying event for the 2016 Paralympics, so people take it very seriously–there’s a starting gun and sanctioned rules and everything.


We thought Finn might even hear the gun, have a meltdown and wheel off the track; but he surprised us and had a lot of fun.

He came in dead last in the 20m dash…it was so cute.


He heard the pop, wheeled a little, stopped to look around, wheeled a little faster once he saw Paisley and I at the end of the track, then stopped about 2 feet from the finish line to take it all in. Keep going, buddy!


I'm a track big deal. ;)

I’m a track star…no big deal. 😉

He also enjoyed reconnecting with Ryder, our buddy from OKC.


Helmet bump

Helmet bump

These athletes are unreal. Many were in wheelchairs and others of them had limb differences; a few were even double or triple amputees.

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I had to turn and face the other direction several times to hide my tears as I watched these people defy all odds, pushing their bodies beyond their God-given potential. Goosebumps everywhere.

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What excuse do you and I have not to move?

Finn was more comfortable in the 60m dash and he didn’t even finish last!

IMG_1044 IMG_1050

I’m pretty certain he was technically disqualified because he went from the farthest lane to the nearest lane, diagonally across the track. It’s hard for a 3 year old to stay in the lines!

He won two medals anyway. 🙂

Ugh. He's the cutest.

Ugh. He’s the cutest.

We also had our annual roommate reunion this weekend, so Jane and the Whites came to cheer Finn on.

Missing our Al at dinner!

Missing our Al at dinner!

He was so happy to see them all at the finish line. “You came to visit me?!” he beamed.


Finn loves Navy.

IMG_1072 IMG_1066

Later in the day, Finn attempted the shot put. He didn’t like how they strapped down his wheelchair. It also didn’t help that there were 20 volunteers standing around watching him. The official was an older, shall I say, gruff woman.

IMG_1088 IMG_1085

She was a stickler for the rules and would yell “Foul!” when Finn didn’t throw the ball the right way. He cried and asked if he could race instead. Obviously he wasn’t having fun anymore, so we decided to skip the javelin and discus and drove home to Tulsa early. Maybe we’ll try the sitting implements again next year.


Paisley loved clapping for big brother!


It was a blessing to see Finn so proud of himself, and it was good for Joey and I to be reminded we are not alone in the world of disabilities. There are many other families out there like us, and many other angels like Finn.

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