Family Photos (and Halloween) 2015

(Scroll down if you’re here only looking for family photos!) 🙂

The weekend of Halloween, we drove back to Norman during naptime so our kids would sleep in the van. We just couldn’t miss the annual Murder Mystery…Luau-style. Morgan and Jeff hosted a fun party!


Somehow Joey’s character always ends up looking creepy…

Turns out I married a murderer…Joey (Robbie Peters, the Hollywood actor) killed Dustin (the fisherman) over something…I can’t remember at the moment.

Our kids were over-the-top adorable for Halloween this year.


Finn was Captain America/Super Finn.

IMG_2255 2

Apparently the suit was itchy.

And Paisley wore Finn’s old elephant costume. I thought she’d kick and scream, but she loved it and didn’t want to take it off.


Finn on the left and Paisley on the right!


Also that weekend, Laura, our “family photographer,” snapped a few pics of us for our Christmas card. Considering that it was rainy and cloudy and cold, we came away with a few great shots. Thanks, Lala!  Enjoy!


Thankful for our little family!


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