This word has been hovering over my kitchen since Thanksgiving.


Both families have agreed not to exchange gifts this year. They took away one of my love languages, and I’m not too happy about it. 😉 So I’m learning to give in new ways–perhaps more important ways than with the swipe of my debit card.

I’m giving more of my time. Each breath is on loan from my Creator, so it’s really not my time anyway, but I’ve always been most selfish with my time. Meetings that go long drive me bonkers. Commercials, snaking grocery lines, doctor’s offices, verbose, showy prayers, and stoplight traffic all test my patience something fierce.

Giving God more of my time (sheesh…it’s so hard for me!) in prayer and reflection has helped me refocus this Christmas season. I love the book, Savor, by Shauna Niequist. December 8th’s devotion reads:

“The season that centers around the silent, holy night, the simple baby, and the star quickly becomes the season in which we over-everything–overspend, overeat, overindulge, overcommit.”

I’m learning to give less frazzled, hustling, distracted moments and more intentional ones to the people I love.


Give Joey longer, more attentive kisses.

Put my phone down and listen…to whomever is speaking to me: the Target cashier, my kids, my husband, my friends, Pastor Craig…

Let Finn spell out E V E R Y single letter in The Sleepy Train book and forget about the long list of naptime-to-do’s I need to accomplish before sister wakes up.


They loved the Christmas lights at Rhema!


Sit on my bathroom floor with Paisley while she digs through my makeup bag. Discuss the importance of beauty on the inside…and my new-found appreciation for high quality mascara.

FullSizeRender 32

Life Church BA’s lobby is a Christmas wonderland!

Allow my clients the opportunity for proper form and quality of movement even when I planned another set.

Blog about what God’s doing in my heart and how He’s teaching me that giving is a mindset. I can give to Him and to you every day in simple ways.


Taylor created this beautiful print for my mantel.

Give. And give again. Because when you give, you’re most like God, I heard someone say.


3 thoughts on “Give

  1. Okay, ya had me til you got to the line about “high quality mascara.” It was such a beautiful, natural statement until that bit. 🙂

    I love the light show pics.

    And, ya got me thinking about what I’ve already been thinking about all these years I’ve struggled with the notion of giving gifts. I feel like that little drummer boy. I COULD spend money I don’t really have to spend on frivolity and hope that makes a bunch of people happy. Sure, I love wrapping packages and making creative cards…but is it really making people happy for more than a minute? Or, is all this gift business just that…a business? Is it some commercial monster someone grew from a seed to feed a King Midas out there somewhere? So, by taking presents and the shopping madness that seems to come with the holiday out of the equation, just look at what your mind can do…what air it can breathe…what warm, soft, gentle winter snowy thoughts it can muster that bring you closer to your family.

    And, ya got me thinking…the three “wise men” only had one gift each to give the baby Jesus. Not a sleigh or sack full. Just three gifts. And, maybe that was because of their wealth. Or, the gifts are purely symbolic to give deeper meaning to the story.

    Now I feel like sitting around a campfire. I just need a friendly family or group to join me.

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